Mr. Wilgreens, when was the last time people in your...

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Mr. Wilgreens, when was the last time people in your neighborhood get together to clean up the streets, to build roads, provide electricity, drinking water, to do this or to do that?

Never! and do you know why

First there is no R in Wilgeens.

To answer your question, where I lived in Haiti my mother used to mobilized all the neighbor on my neighborhood to fix, repair and improve the neighborhood and she was a hospital "Chirurgie infirmière" much worse she is a Dominican who cares more about Haiti than a Haiti native does about Haiti.

Yeah our neighbohood consisted of people like Antz & Yole De Rose (The Engineer & Artists), Marc Bazin (politician) among others but I had an aunt who lived in Carfour Feuille and she was what they call in Haiti " Chef Quartier" responsible to get all the people in the neighborhood to do jus that. Even until now, my mother and family often go to Haiti and contribute.

Anyway, I understand your frustration and lack of trust which most of us do in the system in Haiti and even though things may not seem as easy as we are saying them on here; but nevertheless people should always be motivated for to aim for change of demand better standard from their government.

You simply like to oppose any known ideas that yuo feel is not those of your own. In your own mind you disagree with people just for the sake of disagreeing even if you might be saying or expressing the same thing that the other person is. You like to hear yourself talk or you like to read from yourself but not really trying to reach no audience.

Most of the things yu said indeed, I do not nor have not disagreed with. Just because I did not give you direct affirmation on your statements does not mean I do not get any of the things you are saying.

As Haitians we are known to always like to insult the intelligence of someone else to make us feel like we are at all intelligent...

That is not why I am here, buddy.

So if you want to have a conversation all by your lonesome, you can go ahead and have the last words.

A dialogue is a two way street not one and dictated by your say so as what should or should not be; but hey yeah we would not be Haitians right.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, December 4 2009, 1:09 PM

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Mr. Wilgreens, when was the last time people in your neighborhood get together to clean up the streets, to build... read more >
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