The leaders of contemporary thought are still inclined to...

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The leaders of contemporary thought are still inclined to maintain that the masses had little concern in the evolution of the sociable institutions of man, and that all the progress made in this direction was due to the intellectual, political, and military leaders of the inert masses (Kropotkin 1989, preface).

Sure, so it is I, who has the typical Haitian mentality huh?

When where I see hope amidst all that you portray as obstacles, where you see oppositions to possibility and mobilization of the mass both in Haiti and the diaspora(s).

Again, how is that for your typical typical Haitian mentality theory where even when someone agrees with you, you must insist of tactics of attempting to debase and in the Creole word "avili ak dezaprouve" to prove that only your idea shall stand.

I could care less if you know more than me or not. my intent was not to engage your intellectual mind here so much per say, but rather to try to spread or shed some good news that some might perhaps see as inspiring news to stem hope in this room which often is a room engaging in writing rhetorical vulgar statements in vain assuming that Preval actually reads this mock blog which someone here in the US created.

So as most Haitians, whenever someone else in not in agreement with them therefore it is automatically the "Haitian Mentality" tactic that is almost their best sub arguments or last result of insult.

Again for the record of facts, MOST of us Haitians are indeed uneducated and SOME even lack literacy and intellect and much worse, majority of us Haitians lack articulation and proper debative <--(if you will, or excuse that not being a word) skills to have deeply engaged arguments, dialogues or conversation to solve common disputes, to analyze basic political discussions whether or regardless of how fundamentally wherein exist our differences.

Meanwhile in our own minds, we each and all think we are a philosopher and merit political say so(s) which often are all negative criticisms and never positive words of or for solutions.

P.S: Lastly, in mentioning my family recall or re-read that I said my mother "used to" be engaged until she sees how hard even the richest class of Haiti to do not care about cleanliness in the neighborhood of Peguyville where we've lived.

As in regard to "Carefour Feuille," not Carefour whic are two different location in Haiti by the way, I said my aunt was a "Chef Katye" which at that time used to keep the neighborhood clean might I add. I mentioned that to you because you said Haitians never do, and I used that as reference to state that we "used" to do these things.

Indeed most and much of Haiti today is a "Pak Kochon" no doubt.

This much we can agree on, because regardless of how you may be right of or about government should institute certain governing rules of policies for certain infrastructural foundations, citizens also have a duty to not wait on government to actually see a place or the neighborly block of which live on is as you best said it and I agree, a "Pak Kochon" for them to mobilize and clean it.

My mother used to get into it with Ansy De Rose whom used to sing about change in Haiti among others like Maitre Gerard Gourge how they would not even give money to help built the entrance road on our blocks.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, December 4 2009, 11:00 PM

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