Wilgeens, Like the old saying goes "if you cannot take the...

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Like the old saying goes "if you cannot take the heat stay out of the kitchen." This is politics, it's a no man land.

Wilgeens, you just showed the typical Haitian mentality.

You came on here like Louis-Jean Boje insulting everybody's intelligence by referring to us as uneducated, lack of pride for country, mediocre musicians wannabe, etc...


as if you were a famous scholar who knows it all and think of yourself as being better than anyone else, and now you're crying like a baby because I don't want to reward you with a cookie for your nonsense views?

This was the reason that I asked you to "hold your horses"

Mr. Wilgeens, if you believe so much in your rethoric, why don't you pack you bags, empty out your bank account and move back to Haiti so you can unite the people and finance road constructions, electricity, and education projects?

I tried it and it did not work.

You said it in a sarcastic manner to insult me, but the truth is, yes, I do know and do understand the function and the role of government and the role and function of citizens/individual/civilians/people.

I know there is a lot of Haitians like yourself out there who just cannot accept the fact that another Haitian can know more than them. But there are plenty of Haitians out there who know much more than some others even more than some of those in the government.

You chose to dismiss the content of my entire post to start talking about your mother and other family members contributing in Haiti, contribute in what?

Are you saying they are cleaning up carrefour?

They may not be doing a good job because I was in carrefour a month ago and thought I was walking "nan yon pak kochon"

Why don't you tell us when was the last time you were in Haiti doing something that was worth talking about?

Wilgeens, I have already made 2 trips to Haiti this year alone.

I made one last year and one before that. I am very involved doing my best to help my hometown with education, health care, economic development, etc...


free of charge.

And no, I am not rich, in fact I can barely pay bills here in the state.

However, all that I am doing is a bandaid to stop the bleeding while waiting on the government to treat and cure the whole wound.

Do you understand the difference?

I cannot build road, build a modern telecommunication, a high scale health system because I don't have the mandate for that, the government does.

When I mentioned cleaning up your neighborhood, your city, I was rferring to where you live in Georgia, US.

I think we have arrived to a dead end and must give up on this discussion.

It was nice talking to you. Hope you achieve the unity cruisade and get Haitians to love their country again.

Good luck!

Tiba, December 4 2009, 4:31 PM

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