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RE: This vodoo sh..

has to go for Haitians to be free

Bizzare, I am against all religion--including Voodoo.

I believe in God, but I think that his name has been used by various religions to promote their personal agendas.

In human history, that usually means domination and control of other people, their land, and their culture.

As for the power of Voodoo itself, lets get real; as my father used to say, if Voodoo was all that powerful poor Haitians would be rich. It is true that some Haitians have learned how to use plants and herbs to create some scary potions ans powders, but that has nothing to do with the religion itself.

If the people using these nasty combination to do evil things did not do them under the name of Voodoo they would do them under another name. Anyway, the reason that Voodoo is so prominent now in Haiti has more to do with the lack of resources in that country.

With so few resources competition for every little scrap brings out the worst in the population.

Another reason why people turn to these types of tactics is when the national institutions don't provide the necessary tools for justice or mediation, causing people to resort to using these tactics for retribution.

Hence, the fact is, it is not Voodoo or any other religion that makes Haiti better or worst than any of the other countries in the world where these traditions exist; it is the economic and educational possibilities.

Linda, August 17 2009, 6:37 PM

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