Bizzare, I think you just changed gear on me a little bit...

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I think you just changed gear on me a little bit here. From the beginning to this point the debate you and others have brought up was about "voodoo worshiping" by the people in Haiti.

You're now talking about the promotion of Haiti to the voodoo by the government.

But frankly I don't see how the government is promoting Haiti to the devil.

Bizzare, even though I am slow, but believe you me, I understand perfectly your argument, and the problem as I see it, you want me to agree with you and therefore form an alliance with you to irradicate voodoo in Haiti and get rid of it once and for all, and I can't do that.

Now hear me out for just a second.

You just accused and charged the government with the promotion of Haiti to the devil, but you failed to provide evidence of that.

Please, stay focus! you and others haved used Bois-Caiman ceremony as your evidence of the government's promotion of voodoo 204 years ago, right?

Bizzare, since you, myself, and others, were not there and present in that ceremony, but according to history, there was not a government in place in Haiti at that time. In fact, Haiti was not even a nation yet.

Now, you and others can use the argument about Aristide's declaration of voodoo as an official religion in Haiti on May 3, 2003, right?

I can agree to that.

But my counter argument would be about the country of Benin for example, that has declared voodoo as their official religion just a few years before Haiti's, and yet, Benin is doing much better economically than Haiti, and why is that?

In the United States, according to presidential hystorians and president press secretaries, did you know all presidents including the current one, Obama, use "psychics" to help them make policy decisions?

did you also know in the United States, all the investigative units in police departments use "psychics" to thelp them solve cases in their job, like to find missing persons and to find certain big time criminals?

Do you think the government and police departments throughout the United States are promoting the country to the devil (psychics do practice black magic and have aulters/badji too like voodoo priests do)?

What do you think about that?

Please don't tell me this is a different matter because this is US and therefore it's got to be better.

Vodoo is voodo and therefore it cannot be viewed as "devil/demonic/evil/satanic and plain bad in Haiti, but view it as hamless in other parts of the world where vodoo is as widely practiced as it is in Haiti.

And this is what has been my argument all along.

Bizzare, it my be hard for you to believe this, but at a certain point in my life, my attitude and feelings about voodoo were very close to yours.

I thought vodoo was only a Haitian phenomenon and no other countries on the planet even knew of voodoo, and I was wrong.

My eyes opened up after got engaged to an intensive research to write a 25-page paper about voodoo in grad school.

That changed my entire perspective and attitude that I had about voodoo because I was able to differentiate "myths from fiction, the truth from fear mongering propaganda.

I understand it now and that is the information that I have been using to counter your argument.

I am not pulling anything out of my, you know where.

I am debating you and others on this issue based on fact findings and not on fiction.

Tiba, August 17 2009, 8:07 AM

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Bizzare, I think you just changed gear on me a little bit here. From the beginning to this point the debate you and... read more >
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