Agent x, since yesterday i gave up on you. I need my energy to...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 21 2011, 6:58 AM

Agent x, since yesterday i gave up on you.
I need my energy to focus on more important things like how to built the biggest chickens farm, limes plantation, bananas and green plantains in Haiti.

I am, man enough with alot of courage to sign a pact with you as long it's concerning Haiti.

My dream is to see all kids in school, have works when finish their education in Haiti.

Can't you see now in Haiti, we lacks the simple basic things in life to survive, that's including skills of all sort.
I was in Lockheed Martin yesterday for a flight demostration with the new F35's, also they call it "lighting II".

I say to myself everything is possible in life as long you put an effort to it and you want to makes it happen.

The bottom line is, we need to help and do positive things for Haiti.

We are very far behind in this society, and i am not in my skin because of that.
We are humans, we makes mistakes, but we can fix them also.
Even in that perfect machine"Lighting II" there is mistakes in it.
It's for me to know, not you:).

Top secret.

Let's just be realistic once for all.
I don't care if you think i am kissing your ass.


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