Mark, People often go back in forth in religion as a matter of...

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People often go back in forth in religion as a matter of changing their mind for whatever the reason but a government system cannot change that easy or as often.

As a kid I seen a guy name Bachon left voodoo for Christianity after committing hard core crimes and I seen some left Christianity for voodoo in order to commit crimes.

You sound like the white Americans saying Obama cannot be president because he is and black man can't govern the country.

Haiti's politic is dirty because of all the crimes and corruptions but corruptions and crimes will have to be eliminated by some one who has Godly principles.

Government is often shape by the leader's principles and integrity not personalities such as Haiti's past leaders.

Looking at Haiti's past not single government leaders has been neutral to the country and no government leaders ever establish any systematic in Haiti.

What we need is a Godly base systematic on the truth for the entire country to function regardless of your religion or faith.

And it needs to base on Godly morals not voodoo morals because voodoo has too many cruelties in Haiti for the past 204 years.

Let's start comparing voodoo events within Haiti, and Christian events within Haiti.

According to research voodoo in Haiti is responsible for more crimes in killing and hurting people by the use of the government and individuals.

Bizarre, August 16 2009, 10:05 PM

Topic: My Prayers Over Haiti Tonight!!!

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Mark, People often go back in forth in religion as a matter of changing their mind for whatever the reason but a... read more >
Bizarre, 16-Aug-09 10:05 pm
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Tiba, 17-Aug-09 8:07 am
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Bizarre, 18-Aug-09 12:03 pm
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