Bizarre, You said "You are always saying things that are...

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You said "You are always saying things that are irrelevant and distorted to the debate because you are protecting yourself interest and not Haiti's interest."

I laughed so hard that almost wet my pants.

What self-interest that I am protecting?

Didn't I tell you that I am not a voodoo priest, a hougan, a mambo, nor a voodoo worshiper?

I am not a candidate for any public office in Haiti either.

What's more do you want me to tell you, man?

You have got to stay focus!

Yes, I travel to Haiti often because I have a humanitarian project in Haiti and for that I am very involved in Haiti.

At least I am trying to walk the walk and talk the talk no cookie is needed and no pat on the back is needed either.

It is unfortunate that you don't get this part of the message because I am not a white missionary/foreigner telling you about my involvement in Haiti.

Bizzare, you are so impaired by your religious fanatism you cannot understand when I said that I am not promoting nor supporting voodoo.

I was just debating its ligitimacy in the Haitian culture, but you are having a hard time understanding that.

You asked me "Do you believe voodoo is not against God?"

Bizzare this is the biggest hypocricy of religious fanatics.

They always pick and choose one smal passage from the bible to justify their argument while avoiding the rest of the bible at all cost.

Bizzare while the bible talks against the devil worshiping and the idol worshiping, it also talk against divorce, adultry, molostation, lying, faulse accusation, stealing, killing and etc...etc...

but that doesn't stop us from committing these sins, does it?

Don't you think these kinda sins could also be reasons for Haiti's poverty and reason why Haiti will never move foward?

After, all most of these sins are being committed on young women and underage girls by ministers, priests, reverands, preachers, missionaries, and politicians/leaders.

Of course you're not going to talk about it because that would defeat the whole purpose of your argument against voodoo, wouldn't it?

I want you to know that I have not gone off the subject so this is very relevant to the discussion at hand.

What do you think?

Tiba, August 16 2009, 6:13 PM

Topic: My Prayers Over Haiti Tonight!!!

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Tiba, 17-Aug-09 8:07 am
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Linda, 17-Aug-09 6:37 pm
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Bizarre, 18-Aug-09 12:03 pm
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