Tiba I have some to say about that I have medical Doctor...

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Tiba I have some to say about that

I have medical Doctor friend of mine in Mexico who told me that Brother if we can not eliminate the practice of voddo in the country at least we have to find ways to regulate it.
Tiba when a Pedophile priest or a pervereted Pastor commits crimes against children they go to jail but Tiba who is going to go to jail if Hounga or voddoo priest commits a crime against a citizen.

If you have some one who is sick and could have been save by a Doctor but a vodoo priest refuses to let him see a Dr and the person dies just by example a high blood pressure...

Now Tiba tell me Sir would you not prosecute him for that
That is what I am saying...to regulate or diminish the preponderance of this side of our culture
Do you feel me
Tiba I was in Goma Congo not long ago...Do you know we have built a coumpound with electricity.

water and a clinic for the people but Tiba do you know some of them did not want to move in it because it was too close to a cimetery.

Believe me Tiba this is the honest truth.

They were scared of the spirits they claim
Tiba I was mad

Latousen, August 16 2009, 7:19 PM

Topic: My Prayers Over Haiti Tonight!!!

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Tiba, 16-Aug-09 6:13 pm
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Latousen, 16-Aug-09 6:28 pm
Tiba, Here is what I think. I am not here to defend sins of any kind because I am a man of faith and morals. Sure... read more >
Bizarre, 16-Aug-09 6:39 pm
Tiba I have some to say about that I have medical Doctor friend of mine in Mexico who told me that Brother if we can... read more >
Latousen, 16-Aug-09 7:19 pm
Bizarre, the business of politics is a dirty game. I am not sure if a Godly man would have the stomach to withstand... read more >
Mark, 16-Aug-09 8:12 pm
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Notebookblogz.com, 16-Aug-09 9:26 pm
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Bizarre, 16-Aug-09 10:05 pm
Bizzare, I think you just changed gear on me a little bit here. From the beginning to this point the debate you and... read more >
Tiba, 17-Aug-09 8:07 am
RE: This vodoo sh.. has to go for Haitians to be free Bizzare, I am against all religion--including Voodoo. I believe... read more >
Linda, 17-Aug-09 6:37 pm
Linda, Happy to hear you believe in God and not the devils. I agree voodoo is not powerful but it can be harmful to... read more >
Bizarre, 18-Aug-09 12:03 pm
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