P.z. - I have never been to the Dominican Republic and I have...

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P.z. - I have never been to the Dominican Republic and I have no plan to put foot there either.

P.z. I uderstand all of that cultural difference of the Dominican Republic and thank you for the lesson/info, I appreciate it. However, you seem to be somewhat a little off the subject at hand.

The subject/issue at hand is about racism, resentment, and hatred Dominicans have against Haitians living in their country, which turn into lynching and act of violence perpetrated on Haitians.

As far as you know when was the last time your brother-in-law ever stood up in his class or publically in support for his Haitian classmates and those living in his country?

So, as far as you know, when was the last time the Dominican people ever stood up in protest in support for the Haitians living in their country?

When was the last time Dominican people ever denounced and condemned the wave of violence and mistreatment against Haitians living in Dominican Republic?

And the answer of all of these questions is NEVER!

Remember the French prover that says "Qui dit rien conscent." Since the Dominican people never voiced their opinion against the violence and mistreatment of the Haitians in their country, it means that they all agree with it.

A decent human being goes against wrong doing regardless where it's coming from. And that's how I judge the Dominican people.

Too bad they don't believe in God because that is exactly how God judge them for they see wrong being committed on ohters and they do nothing to come to the rescue.

Again P. z. please understand that I really don't care about deporting Haitians from Dominican Republic, and this is not my where ny beef is with Dominicans.

They have full right to deport all Haitians and every single one of them back to Haiti if that's what they want to do.

My grievance/concern/beef with the Dominicans lies solely on the mistreatment and the violence they are committing against Haitians living in their country just because Haitians happen to be black or have dark skin complexion.

By the way, there is a pretty crowded Dominican population where I live in upstate New York, and yes, they all believe they are white even those with skin color look like tires and charcoal.

And I don't care about that either because I am very proud being a black Haitian.

P. z. you just don't know how many white American women falling for me becaue of my blackness, because I'm from Haiti, and the big one my accent.

And these are all well educated professional white women.

And yes, I do date African American and women of other cultures, nationality, and backgrounds as well.

I know a couple Haitian guys who are dating Puerto Rican women but the Dominican will not touch a Haitian man with a 10 foot pole, I'm being told.

Tiba, May 26 2009, 3:48 PM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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P.z., 25-May-09 10:48 am
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Tiba, 25-May-09 3:06 pm
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Zac, 25-May-09 5:05 pm
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Tiba, 25-May-09 6:05 pm
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P.z., 26-May-09 12:39 pm
P.z. - I have never been to the Dominican Republic and I have no plan to put foot there either. P.z. I uderstand all... read more >
Tiba, 26-May-09 3:48 pm
Tiba, I'm not here to argue with you. I'm here, however, to correct your false blanket statement that all Dominicans... read more >
P.z., 26-May-09 8:50 pm
P. z. I do understand where you're coming from, believe you me. You have a lot at stake because not only you're... read more >
Tiba, 26-May-09 9:54 pm
Actually the statement Tiba made, that all Dominicans are racist toward people of dark-skin, might be a bit... read more >
Linda, 26-May-09 11:23 pm
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