I wasn't trying to say our relationship with Dominicans are...

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I wasn't trying to say our relationship with Dominicans are all right.

My gripe with your sentiment is that you seem to think that all Haitians are afraid to walk the streets of the Dominican Republic.

I was just trying to tell you it's not true.

I've visited a cousin of my wife whose studying at the medical school in Santo Domingo, there are many Haitian students.

The first comment out of her mouth of the Haitian students is that they are very smart--the best students in the class.

When her brother was studying Engineering, he used to say the same thing of the Haitian students.

Anyway, it sounds like you've never been to the DR. The southern part of the country including Santo Domingo is full of dark-skinned people.

The people walking around don't look much different than people you see walking the streets of Port-Au-Prince.

They're black.

You would never mistake those people for white people.

You go to the North in the Cibao, those people look white.

They don't even listen to Merengue music.

It's a totally different culture.

They don't like the Dominicans from the South.

They interact with them because they have to. The Cibao is just as poor, but they have a skin-color complex.

One more thing about those folks in the North, they have a lot of in-breeding.

They don't think it's bad for cousins to marry cousins.

It happens all the time. Ask any Dominicans about people from the Cibao.

They have beautiful women there but some of them do have a skin color complex.

I hope, I'm a little clearer now.

I've had Dominicans in the D.R (black and light skin Dominicans) tell me that Haiti and the D.R. is not that much different, it's the tourism industry that gives the D.R. an edge.

By the way, my grand father used to drive the train that took the sugarcanes from Haiti to the D.R in the 1930s.

My uncle, his oldest, was born on one of those trips in the Dominican Republic.

Even though he was born in the hospital in the D.R, my grand father wanted him to be Haitian.

He didn't even give it a second thought.

P.z., May 26 2009, 12:39 PM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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Linda, 26-May-09 11:23 pm
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