Actually the statement Tiba made, that all Dominicans are...

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Actually the statement Tiba made, that all Dominicans are racist toward people of dark-skin, might be a bit exaggerated, however, it is not that far from the truth.

If the shoe fits, than own it. Prior to the 1980s, it was not an exaggeration to say that most of the people in the South of the United States were racist.

The same applies to the racist population of the DR today.

What Haitians fail to understand is that they are not just racist against Haitians, they are racist against all black people.

Let us not forget that time when an African American US representative was refused entry into a night club because they felt she was too black.

These stories are common in the DR. Furthermore, just like the blacks in the old south, the blacks in the DR suffer from extreme self hatred because of the racism they constantly face. Moreover, they hate the Haitians because black Haitians are a constant mirror of something they hate--themselves.

Hence, when most countries are moving forward culturally, the DR is moving culturally backwards.

On another issue.

It is not because light skin Haitians are treated better in the DR that we should confuse the issue.

Any Haitian with an ounce of self respect, a smudge of pride, an iota of dignity should keep from setting foot in the DR. I understand that the poor Haitians go their because in the face of hunger in their own country they don't care about such thing as pride.

BUT WHAT IS THE ELITE'S EXCUSE FOR PARTYING IN THE DR, SPENDING HAITIAN MONEY IN THE DR, WHILE THEY LEAVE THEIR DIGNITY AT HOME. This new Haitian elite is so devoid of any pride or dignity that they really are all nothing but parvenus in disguise.

Linda, May 26 2009, 11:23 PM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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Zac, 25-May-09 5:05 pm
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Tiba, 25-May-09 6:05 pm
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P.z., 26-May-09 12:39 pm
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Tiba, 26-May-09 3:48 pm
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P.z., 26-May-09 8:50 pm
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Tiba, 26-May-09 9:54 pm
Actually the statement Tiba made, that all Dominicans are racist toward people of dark-skin, might be a bit... read more >
Linda, 26-May-09 11:23 pm
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