P. z. - You've done again! I did not misinterpret your...

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P. z. - You've done again!
I did not misinterpret your comments.

Both of your messages show clearly you are defending these people's criminal acts against Haitians.

It's okay because it is your rights to do that. After all you are married to a Dominican woman and I really don't take an issue with that.

My concern with you is the fact that you are going out of your way to minimize the severity of the racism, resenment, and hatred that exist in the hearts and minds of the Dominicans against Haitians.

Human Rights commission in the UN just called up on the Dominican government to stop these aggression against Haitians.

According to your statements, these kind of acts don't exist only in the Dominican Republic and therefore we should not be overeacting about it to the level we do because after all these kinds of acts do take place in the U.S., in Haiti, and where else. An a way you're asking us to be understanding, accepting, and tolerant, it's not really such a big deal.

P.z. with all due respect, I think you are really in denial.

I think you are the only one who doesn't think the racist, resenment, and hatred sentiments of the Dominicans against Haitians as not a big deal.

What you said about Haiti doing the same thing in some neiborhoods, you know that was a stretch of justification to support your arguments because you know very well these kinds of racist and hatred acts don't happen in Haiti.

There are many Dominicans living in Haiti, and none of them ever experienced any act of violence as a form of retaliation against them.

Now think of it, I think Haitians should start commiting violence against those Dominicans living in Haiti in retaliation.

That wouldn't be too bad, would it?

But in a situation like this, I am sure you would be the first to come out swinging at Haitians and classify them as savages for treating those Dominican so bad. Am I right?

Yes, I agree with you it happens in some part of the United States too. I am fully aware that there are some part in U.S. that I will not be able to be seen with my white girlfriend in public, but you failed, however, to admit that it happens in U.S. not only to blacks but also to Jews and other minorities.

Furthermore, in the United States the government and community leaders come out against it whenever it happens and the police is always there to make arrests when it deemed necessary.

In the Dominican Republic, the lynching and other forms of violence target ONLY Haitians.

Haven't you watched the news?

It is almost every day you hear about Haitians being victims in the hands of Dominicans purely and simply for being Haitian and black.

All these years Haitians have been mistreated in the Dominican Republic, not once that I ever heard these Dominicans who are decent ever took the streets protesting in support of Haitians, NEVER! tell me what does that tell you?

You can try to minimize the racist, the resenment, and the hatred sentiments the Dominicans have against Haitians all you want to. As far as I am concerned they are ALL the same, a nation with an identity crisis.

This is a very unhappy "white wannabe" nation that is taking its rage on Haitians as a way to make themselves feel good, but at the end of the day they are still remained dark/black complexion.

Haitians did not lobby God to make these house slaves look black or dark complexion.

What make them to believe that it is because of Haitians they were born black or dark skin?

All Haitians ever done for Dominicans, was giving them the gift of freedom from slavery because they were too scared of the slave masters to free themselves.

ALL Dominicans are the same. These are a bunch of racist, unhappy house slaves, hatemongers, and white wannabe facing with an identity crisis.

Tiba, May 25 2009, 3:06 PM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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