It's true what you are saying, I think. The Dominican poeple...

El Caribeno - May 25 2009, 11:21 AM

It's true what you are saying, I think.

The Dominican poeple is so smart men !
the Doùinican know well what they are and they force to make the difference, and there they are righ. it is the law of live: stand up for self and if I can, I'll help you, when you make a good jugment you can find out that the Dominican poeple is very good toward haitian poeple: more than 1000000 haitians are living in D.R they live apparently a better life than their folks in Haiti.

I want to make a question: who in the world right now would like to be Haitian?

No body, no body, even Aristide, duvalier, no one, there is no pride at all about beng Haitian.

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