Tiba, I'm not here to argue with you. I'm here, however, to...

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Tiba, I'm not here to argue with you. I'm here, however, to correct your false blanket statement that all Dominicans are racist toward people of dark-skin.

I know many Dominican people.

I used to go to Washington Heights in uppper Manhattan all the time. I also know many Dominicans who live in the Dominican Republic, some I've visited in the North and some I've visited in the South near the capital.

The ones I know, are not like that at all. I know a Dominican woman whose husband is from Nigeria.

How more black can you get than a black man from Africa?

You can stay with your view if you want. I just don't think it shows much thinking on your part to group all dominicans under the same racist umbrella.

There are some who are, but they're not all like that.

By the way, Francisco Pena Gomez whose parents were Haitian and whose parents were killed by Trujillo in the "perejil massacre", almost became president of the Dominican Republic until he died in 1998 of pancreatic cancer.

He was mayor of the capital Santo Domingo.

Some Dominicans didn't like him but a good majority loved him. When he died, so many people came to pay their respects, the biggest stadium in the Dominican Republic couldn't hold the people.

He was a very educated man. He studied at the Sorbonnes in Paris.

He studied at Harvard and Michigan State.

I know you say you've never been to the DR and you have no entention of going.

It's your choice.

I would just hope that before you talk about something you know very little about, you learn about the subject matter first.

You seem like a very intelligent guy. I'm just surprise you find it OK to lump people in one category.

When you do that, you're no different than those uneducated Dominicans who think Haitian people are no good.

P.z., May 26 2009, 8:50 PM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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Tiba, 26-May-09 3:48 pm
Tiba, I'm not here to argue with you. I'm here, however, to correct your false blanket statement that all Dominicans... read more >
P.z., 26-May-09 8:50 pm
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Tiba, 26-May-09 9:54 pm
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Linda, 26-May-09 11:23 pm
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