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Learn more about Haiti before acting up.

The country will surely change We'll move to a normal range No country observes the law all the way It did never... more »

We need to keep begging from Earth to Heaven.

Christopher Columbus was a begger The white men stole from the nigger They have no shame regarding slavery Stealing... more »

Prier pour Haiti

Pere Duliepre, priez pour Haiti La priere peut percer l'infini Toutes les eglises doivent prier Les oiseaux d'Haiti... more »

We misunderstood each other

We are still a free nation the troops are on a mission Each country depends on each other USA is using foreign oil for... more »

I am ignorant and informed

I can't mull over your mentality Duvalier did zilch for our society I've lived in the realm for 26 years The command... more »

C'est d'accord tu as tout dit

Je suis en accord avec toi Pardon d'avoir trouble ta foi Il n'y a nul jour sans probleme Cela fait partie de notre... more »

L'equipe Haitienne de foot ball

Qualifiee pour la coupe du monde L'equipe est sortie de la tombe Une grande surpise pour la Fifa Ce ne sera pas notre... more »

Zabelboc je suis a toi pour une deuxieme fois

La culture haitienne doit etre diffusee Pas mal de nos musiciens sont ignores Reginald Polycard et Boulot valcourt... more »

You are unreal brother

Duvalier did not build any highway We received a gift from France anyway That regime was working for its own power The... more »

back at you Zabelboc

You better stop complaining What you've said has no meaning Mulatoes are responsible for nothing More than negroes... more »

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