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You need to be more accurate

There is no racism in Haiti Color, not a problem in my country Mulatoes and negroes get together They are married to... more »

Bravo pour Jacob et Eugenia

Les informations restent precises Nous devons sortir de la crise La Minustah doit quitter le pays President Preval... more »

I disagree with you Fabie

Classism has nothing to do with Haiti It stays our own way of having fantasy Smoking and drinking might be for others... more »

Le media n'a pas fait son travail

Les radio stations jouent de la musique Sans enseigner au pauple nulle pratique Le media doit etre une voie... more »

Preval President de la Diaspora

Nous vous attendoms impatiemment Notre support viendra a l'instant Le premier pas c'est d'etre present Ce sera la... more »

Invitation lancee au President Preval

Vous etes invite le 19 Mai a Miami Le peuple aimerait partager votre avis Il y aura des milliers d'Haitiens reunis... more »

Your explanation is very clear

I understand your concern And embrace your pattern We need to be more responsibe Some helps are unacceptable We can't... more »

Toussaint tu as de belles idees

Nourriture,vetement,logement,dit Maselot Sans quoi le peuple n'aura nul repos L'Haitien vit dans une faim intense... more »

You get it all wrong baby

The Jamaicans are 100 % black They're watching our back Your thinking is just wrong Jamaicans love us to the bone... more »

Teleco in Haiti and its service

Teleco was part of the old regime It worked according to a team Not there to serve everybody Even if customers show... more »

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