We misunderstood each other

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We are still a free nation
the troops are on a mission
Each country depends on each other
USA is using foreign oil for power

No country on planet earth can survive alone
We really need each other in order to run
Haiti is not the poorest country under the sun
Watching other poor countries cannot be fun

In this century we need to work on our pride
It's time for you and I to push it on the side
If I have to beg for the development of Haiti
I will never be shine to make it happen baby

The rich countries did steal from us
Now they become a stable force
These countries did worst than begging
If we do, it's just the very beginning

Good parents will go to hell for their children
The same principal applies for a good citizen
If we have to beg, let it be; we must do better
The result will finally be a break to our fever

Cuba is receiving supplies in the low
It cannot forever handle that embargo
Every country has a particular issue
Haiti simply has its own avenue

I do not support any government
The changes feel good at this moment
I left Haiti since nineteen eighty eight
Have no contact with the heavy weights

I expect the country to look good
Where people are not suffering for food
This remains my main concern
And I won't change the pattern

robert magic

Robert Magic, May 1 2007, 10:22 PM

Topic: We have to stop begging...

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Jan Ou Wel La, 1-May-07 5:48 am
I think your poem is nice but I disagree with a lot of your comments. I am unwilling to judge any president;however,I... read more >
Max Johnson, 1-May-07 11:40 am
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Haitian Girl, 1-May-07 4:51 pm
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Udony, 1-May-07 5:18 pm
Mwen kontan we mesaj ou a paske mwen se yon jen fi ki ap etidye nan peyi etranje, mwen we kijan ke tout moun mete tet... read more >
Haitian Girl, 1-May-07 10:14 pm
We are still a free nation the troops are on a mission Each country depends on each other USA is using foreign oil for... read more >
Robert Magic, 1-May-07 10:22 pm
Mwen Byen kontan ke ou panse konsa, ou se youn nan moun ki panse ke Ayiti se pou blan yo li ye. Aristid te Ale, li... read more >
Jan Ou Wel La, 2-May-07 11:49 am
Mwen pa gen anyen kont peson mwen se pitit yon soyet ki jwenn yon chans poum ale pou pi devan men si peyi ap mache ou... read more >
Haitian Girl, 2-May-07 12:19 pm
Mwen pa gen Pwoblem ak sa ou di ya, mwen vle ke ou sipote pozisyon ou. Kom ou di ou te gen chans pou al aprann li kay... read more >
Jan Ou W L La, 2-May-07 2:29 pm
Let me tell you, it's a black thing to beg with no pride, and complaint when we hurt ourselves. I always believe with... read more >
D. Pierre, 11-May-07 12:06 pm
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