We need to keep begging from Earth to Heaven.

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Christopher Columbus was a begger
The white men stole from the nigger
They have no shame regarding slavery
Stealing puts them head of the society

We are asking for help; we don't beg
It's better than cutting people's head
The white men did worst than begging
They killed us, hurt us for nothing

If they can come up with some help today
Do not feel offended; it's just an easy way
They have stolen lots of gold from us
We did not give them away; it was by force

Educated people know why we're suffering
The country becomes poor just by stealing
Since December 5, 1492 until today
Everybody stole from us and went away

Dignity is dead in every single society
People are looking everywhere for money
If any country could steal from Haiti
It wouldn't be such word as dignity

God created the earth for everybody
Haitian people need to use their ability
We seem too naive letting things go by
Some of us do not even want to try

The country does not have any technology
We need to ask for help from other country
What you are trying to portray is real bad
If we ask for help, you should be glad

Many countries would help Haiti
Venezuela begged us for its liberty
We did satisfy every single demand
Today, Chavez should put in our hand

We gave food to France for 500 years
They're living well under our tears
Haiti was the center for commerce
The big countries drag it to a mess

All these countries should get together
Haiti deserves respect and special favor
The world should get on its knee
We're the first that said no to slavery

robert magic

Robert Magic, May 16 2007, 11:58 PM

Topic: We have to stop begging part II

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Jean Batiste, 17-May-07 3:03 pm
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Jules, 18-May-07 2:52 pm


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