We have to stop begging part II

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Many of you have started to realize it now. Begging the white man for a bone here and there will lead us nowhere.

We have been begging for at least fifty years now.
Begging is disgraceful because it robs us of our human dignity.

When God created the world, He didn't create it for white people or yellow people only. He created the world for all his children.

We have to stop begging because we have to redeem what is rightfully ours.
We need our piece of the pie and we need it now!
We all know that the devils have been dividing us all over the world.

We need to unite to defeat their plans.That's the only way out.
Duvalierists, Macoutes,Militarists, Lavalasses,Hoogans, Werewolves,we need to unite and we need to unite now. Forget about your petty differences.

The nation is in great danger! It is do or die!
We will all be saved together or we will all perish together.

And please stop the begging.Let us devise our own stategy to get out of this mess.
God bless.

Max Johnson Fgb, May 15 2007, 4:22 PM

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