Haitians The Most Incompetent And Mediocre People

Tiba Says...

Posted July 3 2008 at 8:33 PM

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Well Listen, I Know It's A Tragic Time At The Same Time You Have To Understand People Are Angry And Frustrated. It's Not About Pointing Fingers Because This Was A Natural Disaster At The Same Time You Must Give... Marjorie 01/14/2010
Like I Said This Is Not The Time For Nonsense Comments Like This. Yes We Need Leadership, But Leaderhip Won't Do Anything (Right Now) For Those Millions Of Haitians Who Lost A Loved Ones. Leadership Won't Do Anything... Tatiana 01/13/2010
This Is The Greatest Opporutnity Of Preval's Government To Unite The Country And Bring The People Together To Face This Catastropy Head On. The Rescue Effort Cannot Be Left To Only Foreigners. After All, The Country... Tiba 01/13/2010
I Don't Know Why We Have To Bring Up That Kind Of Subjects Here, At A Time Like This. For Pete Sake People This Is The Worst Moment To Point The Finger. Nobody Or Everybody Is Responsible For What Is Happening Now... Tatiana 01/13/2010
I Am Not Sure It Is The Way You Should Divulgate Haitian Including Yourself As Haitian. When You Generalize Your Message In Including All The Haitians It's Means Blocking Your Way To An Opportunity Around Your... Dnd 01/13/2010
You Must Identify Yourself And Do Not Write Anonymously If You Believe That You Have A Good Plan For Your Country. Those Surnames Like Ti Rouge, Kok Kalite, Lavalas And Others Do Not Mean Anything. Identify Yourself... Mathieu Derisse 01/08/2010
You Are Mad At The Wrong People, It's The People It's The UN And The Great Industrailize Nations. Haiti Is A Joke; Cause We The Haitian Allow It To Be, The Mintue One Of Us Get Mad Enough Change Will Happen Mark My... Nunu 12/05/2009
Work With Gera Bouguy. He Is Listed At Facebook. He Has Published Book And Had A Book Signing Event In Boston Recently And He Will Be In Haiti Soon Holding Conferences. He Has Good List Of Objectives To Improve... Earl Wheby Jr 11/09/2009
Thank You For Your Advice On How To Try And Establish Contact With Baby Doc. Your Business Ideas Sound Like There Is A Market For Money Transfers As Haitians In U.S. Would Send Money Home But The U.S. Economy Is Really... Earl Wheby Jr 11/08/2009
Earl Wheby Jr, It Looks Like You Are The Kind Of Haitian I Want To Be Around With. Look Here, I', Living In This Country And Can't Stand Be Around White American Due To Their Terrorist Tatic They Use To Manmipulate... Jean Pe Haiti On Facebook 11/08/2009