Haitians The Most Incompetent And Mediocre People

Tiba Says...

Posted July 3 2008 at 8:33 PM

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Duvalier Was Very Nationalist, But He Failed To Kill Your Mulatto Merchant Families That Monopolize All The Economic Resources Of The Government. This Morning In Washington, The International Community Recognizes That... Dessalines The Avenger 03/31/2010
Thank You My Brother, We Will Kick Their Asses. Those Stupids All They Do Is Accusing International Community And Let Us Know That Whites Want To Colonize Us. Just To Continue Their Colonization Over Us. When They... Dessalines The Avenger 03/30/2010
I Agree With The Part When You Said Haitians Are The Most Incompetent And Mediocre People On The Planet. But I Disagree With The Attack On The White Men. Just Like Black Americans We Are Poor Because We Make Bad... Sebastian 03/30/2010
"... Francois Duvalier, Now Vilified By Many, Is The First President Who Brough The Overwhelming Majority Of The \"Black" Haitians To The Forefront." This Was A Merely Strategy Of The Vilified Duvalier To Keep Staying... Kiki 03/30/2010
I Agree With You That It Is Very Disturbing To Me Too. Haiti Has More Educated People In Politics Than Any Other Countries In The Region, But The Fact Is The Haitian Bourgeoisie Wants To Make All Those Educated... Dessalines The Avenger 03/30/2010
Amen To That. Going Off Like That And Generalizing Every Haitian Does Sound Disturbing. Wynvic 03/30/2010
GLADYS, You Are One Of The Most Incompetent HAITIANS EVER. You Are An Ignorant Of HAITIAN HISTORY And You Are A Restavek Too. SHAME ON YOU! Pichu Toulimen 02/28/2010
I Don't Think The Haitians Are The Most Incompetent And Mediocre Poeple By The Fact They Elected Preval For President. Because The Presidents Wich Preceeded Preval Did Neither Nothing For The Country. The Incompetency... Kiki 02/27/2010
My Name Is J.G.D. I Am A Psychiatrist. I Need Want To Speak To You A.S.A.P.Because Your Comment Is Disturbing. I Want To Protect The Public Before You Go Off. Jako-2 02/26/2010
Well Its Is So True What Mario M. Just Wrote. You Haitian Doesnt Like To Hear The Truth.The Majority Of Haitian Are So Incompetent, Ignorant, All They Care About Is The Wealth Of The Poor. Im So Ashamed Of Being Haitian. Ashamed 02/26/2010