Haitians The Most Incompetent And Mediocre People

Tiba Says...

Posted July 3 2008 at 8:33 PM

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Wilgeens, I Frankly Believe That You Have The Answers To The Question That You Are Raising Regarding Certain Typical Haitian Mentalities. I Also Have A Hard Time Comprehending This Typical Haitian Behavior That Is... Jean-esdrace Germain Charles 04/03/2009
Such A Change Can Never Take Place If And When Haitians Are So Stubborn And Uneducated About Even Their "Identity." Now That Is An Objective Fact Of Observation That Haitians Cannot Engage In Debates Because They Lack... Wilgeens Afrolatino Rosenberg 04/03/2009
"Chapo Ba Pou Zarien" I Don't Think I Would Have Been Able To Put It So Well For Everyone To Understand The Importance Of Being Respectful To Each Other On This Blog. We Need To Be Objective And Not Let Our Personal... Jean-esdrace Germain Charles 04/02/2009
The Real Problem Is That \"Little Red" Or TI-ROUGE Is Utilizing This Blog To Find And Court Men Who He Thinks Maybe Homosexuals. He Created And Controls This Blog Just For This Purpose Only. Not Being A Real Man... Mario Mothersil 08/07/2008
Hello Rosy Or Little Red: I Am Very Impressed. Keep Digging. But Bear In Mind That I Am Not "El Faguito". I Have More Important Things To Do Than To Worry About Your Nonsensical BS. If You Insist, Your Emails Can Be... Mario Mothersil 08/07/2008
Claude, Yes, I Am Haitian Natif Natal, But NO I Did Not Vote Because I Live In The State. You And I Both Know Very Well Once You Leave Haiti To Live Overseas You Are Stipped Of All Your Rights As Haitian Citizen... Tiba 08/04/2008
My Friend, You Can Disgree With President Préval All You Want, It Is Your Right! But Calling An Entire Nation Incompetent And Mediocre IS NOT RIGHT, It Just Shows A Lack Of Knowledge Of The Country And This Is Coming... Claude 08/04/2008
Mothersilm - M109R - 1985 300D 420000 Miles - Marceau Jn Noel Mothersil I Am Closing In On You; Next I Will Post Your Photo. Ti Rouge 07/22/2008
Because Of TiRouge, Mario Mothersil Stopped Posting Hate Messages On This Blog Sphere. Ti Rouge 07/22/2008
Hello ROSY; I Would Have Never Guessed That My Participation On This Blog Is Stressing You Out. But Not To Be Worried, I Still Wont Put Your Business Out There. Now, ALMOST Everyone Is Suddenly Becoming Very Worried... Mario Mothersil 07/22/2008