Haitians The Most Incompetent And Mediocre People

Tiba Says...

Posted July 3 2008 at 8:33 PM

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Oh Shut Up The Hell Up!!! There Are Hardly Ever Any Girls On This Blog For You To Try To Impress Unless You Like To Impress Men Of Your Fake Endeavors, You Overzealous Prick. Those Who Were To Really Be Real Hackers Or... Will Rosenberg 07/21/2008
Hey, MR.___________ AKA- TI-ROUGE; By Reading Your Last Post, I Have A Feeling That You Are Defying Me To Put Your Business On This Blog. Rest Assured That I Definitely Can. Are You Aware Of A Section Of The Law... Mario Mothersil 07/21/2008
Linda, Your High School Teachers Were Your What...? Look Up Both Words In A Dictionary. TEACHER: A Person Who Teaches, Esp. In A School. PROFESSOR: A Teacher Or Instructor, Esp. In A Specialized Field. Will Rosenberg 07/21/2008
OK, I Give Up; It Just So Sad To See The Level Of Ignorance. So Here I Go, Agreeing Completely With You. EEEEEEveryone Who Tttttttteaches Is A PPPPPPPProfessor. There You Go. Now You Can Keep Your Ignorance And... Linda 07/21/2008
If You Are A Teaching Body Period That Makes You A Professor Period Much Less If You Are Allowed To Teach In A College With A Masters Degree That Makes You Even A What...? Oh Yeah... Still A Professor You Idiot. Jolibwam Byendi Nanlinda 07/21/2008
Then You Yourself My Friend Would Be In Violation Of Your Authority By Creating This Blog. And Though An Illegal Immigrant May Not Hold Inalienable Rights Of The Land, But Upholding The The Right To Privacy Does Not... Bwamjoli Jolibwam 07/21/2008
Tiba You Need To Stop Making Things Up And Saying That They Are True. See My Last Post About Professors. And For God Sake, This Professor Thing Is Not Complicated: Yes You Can Teach At A College With A Masters Degree... Linda 07/21/2008
Mario, I Got You Pinned In A Corner Because You Are Simply A Joker And An Empty Sack. I Am Watching You Very Closely, PinHead. You Must Have Taken My Last Blog Very Seriously Because You Did Stop Your Rethoric Of Hate... Ti Rouge 07/21/2008
Though I Am A Viet Nam Veteran, I Was Never Actively In The US Army Though I Worked In Concert With All Of The Different Branches Of The Armed Forces. If You Should Know, At One Time, I Also Worked In Haiti, Handling... Mario Mothersil 07/21/2008
Dear Djakut, You Stated The Following "I Never Set Foot In Haiti Only Because Of The Incompetence Of The Haitian Governments And Their \"Acolics". I Beg To Differ, And The Real Reason You Don't Set Foot In Haiti Is... Robertson 07/21/2008