Hello ROSY; I would have never guessed that my participation...

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Hello ROSY; I would have never guessed that my participation on this blog is stressing you out. But not to be worried, I still wont put your business out there.

Now, ALMOST everyone is suddenly becoming very worried about me, BIG BROTHER, being on this blog. All the pseudo rats are attempting to come out of their holes because they realize that; "the EAGLE UP THERE.

It may be near and watching all of our moves.

what do we do?".


Here I am, near retirement as an EHM and having so much fun with a couple of haitian idiots who vie to involve themselves in politics.

By the way ROSY or ROSENBERG or WHATEVER, as I read on your response, your suggestion of homosexuality or SODOMY, as correctly named, has not been deleted or removed from the books, as a crime, which means that it is still enforceable and falls in the area of perversion.

By simply suggesting that you are, or attempting to find out if I am, is analogous to being a predator (HAVE YOU EVER WATCH THE T.V. PROGRAM CALLED (TO CATCH A PREDATOR)" Are you a homosexual or are you a homosexual predator?

be clear now ROSY?.

There is nothing I can do if you declare yourself as being a homosexual but if you declare that you are a homosexual predator, I may have to adequately place some CUFFS around your wrists.

As for me, rest assured that I am no BATIMAN, as the Jamaicans say. Oh, I forgot, I am beginning to receive some private e-mails from some girls who are impressed, not by my highly respected positions, but by the manner in which I express myself.

Imagine, I do not even have a PhD.

Mario Mothersil, July 22 2008, 9:16 AM

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Hello ROSY; I would have never guessed that my participation on this blog is stressing you out. But not to be worried... read more >
Mario Mothersil, 22-Jul-08 9:16 am
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