Wilgeens, I frankly believe that you have the answers to the...

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Wilgeens, I frankly believe that you have the answers to the question that you are raising regarding certain typical haitian mentalities.

I also have a hard time comprehending this typical haitian behavior that is appearantly hunting us to the grave.

The problem of education and the need to increase one's knowledge about one's own identity as a nation is very critical.

I can definitely agree with you on the fact that these issues need to be worked on. That requires social scientists that will be willing to get involved and devote their time and passion to solve this social aspect of the crisis over considerable period of time. The intellectual resources can be gained rather quickly but A lot of infrastructures have to be in place before this enterprise can take effect fully and successfully in our community.

I am aware of the dilemna.

I think a man like you who show so much interest to the point of being upset would like to see a change in that area. I honor a man who has a bold position about a problem to see it changed.

That is the spirit we are promoting: Use the negative pole to find the positive pole.

I think you are already aware the fact that Haiti has a high percentage of illeteracy of nearly 85 percent of the population.

Wilgeens, don't think I am opposed to what you are saying as if there is no truth to them. But we ought be objective and optimistic about the situation country which really needs.

I really enjoy reading your posts because they help me see the adverse effects of the ongoing situation in Haiti.

As one hundred percent haitian, regardless of the current conditions of that, I believe that I ought to be optimistic and confident about the future of that nation.

I feel it is my responsibility to ask you trust that there can be a change and to work us to make it happen with your strength, your might, your honest critics.

If we join hands together and work with the government in a spirit of progres and change, we will see a new Haiti where all haitians will be proud, yet humble, to be haitians.

Like the United States of america, we will call it the land of the free, a true symbol of historic freedom.

I am a proud yet humble haitian and I will always be no matter where I am.

Peace and Respect to you all!

Jean-esdrace Germain Charles, April 3 2009, 11:08 PM

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