Haitians The Most Incompetent And Mediocre People

Tiba Says...

Posted July 3 2008 at 8:33 PM

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My My My Anytime This Nig And Peasant HABITAN Tiba Open His Mouth It Is To Spur Violence And Nonsense. The Housing Project Where He Lives In La Rochelle New York Has Been Investigating Him For Welfare Fraud And Food... Latousen 08/14/2009
Tiba! Give Them Pere Lebrun For What? Do You Realize Every Time Such Things Happen In Haiti Haitians Also "DECHOUKE", And You Know When They "DECHOUKE" Those Investors That Create Jobs Leave The Country, Next We Are... Notebookblogz.com 08/14/2009
Good Advice. That's Why So Many Time I Ask Him To Get His Behind In Haiti An Start Alphabetization Ash 08/14/2009
Concerned Dominican, You Have Presented A Flawed Illustration Of Defense Here. First, There Is No Comparison Between Raising A Child And Electing Leaders To Public Office And The Governance Of A Country. Second, I Was... Tiba 08/13/2009
To Tiba, Tiwo & All Of Other Naysayers Who Are So Negatively Opinated About The Haitian People, It Appears That You TIBA Are The One With The Most Critical Thinking Or You're No Different From Those You're Accusing... Concerned Dominican 08/13/2009
Hello Tiba I Agree With You When You Say, Why They Keep On Elected The Same Guy. But I Do Not Agree With You When You Say They Should Gave All The Preval Govt Members (Pere Lebrun). Brother You Sound Like An... Doncarlos 07/28/2009
I Have Noticed This Problem Among Our Fellows. That Situation Leaves Our Generation With A Lot More To Do. We Cannot Give Up On Our Nation It Is Very Important That We Have Young Minds That Are Willing To Promote And... Jean-esdrace Germain Charles 04/06/2009
Well, I Agree And Understand Your Point. One Must Have A Stand Or At Times No Stand At All... If My Internet Was Not Acting Up In My Aprtment I Would Have Sent You More Documents On The Issue And Many Thesis Which Have... Wilgeens Rosenberg 04/06/2009
Tiba, Believe It Or Not, Haiti Is A Democratic Country. It Is In Fact The Government Form That Can Take Roots In Haiti Right Now Based On Political Circumstances. I Think We As Haitians Need To Understand Certain... Jean-esdrace Germain Charles 04/04/2009
Tiba Said, "A Master's Degree Is All A Person Needs To Be A High School Teacher Or A College Professor." This Time Tiba Got His Facts Wrong. A Person Does Not Need To Have A Master's Degree To Teach HIGH SCHOOL, Just A... Linda 04/04/2009