Haitians The Most Incompetent And Mediocre People

Tiba Says...

Posted July 3 2008 at 8:33 PM

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Djakut, I Am Sorry, But When I Sit Back And Look At The State Of The Haitian People, I Become Convinced That We, As A People, Are The Most Incompetent People Ever Live. By Keep Electing The Same People, Who Cannot... Tiba 07/20/2008
Tiba If I Were You, I Would Change My Statement Regarding The Haitian People. It Would Have Been Better If You Talked About The Haitian Governments These Days Instead Of Blasting A Whole Nation Like That. I Just... Djakut 07/20/2008
You're Absolutely Right, That's Why, For Fifteen Years I Never Set Foot In Haiti Only Because Of The Incompetence Of The Haitian Governments And Their \"Acolics".They Sould Change The Way Presidents/Senator Are Elected... Djakut 07/20/2008
Actually, You Are Very Wrong. You Absolutely Have To Have A Ph.D If You Want To Be A Professor. No Ph.D No Professor. You Can Teach At A College As A Lecture If You Have A Masters Degree, Or If You Are Finishing Your... Linda 07/20/2008
Linda, You Said To The Professor " Well If You Were A Real Professor You Would Know That You Cannot Become A Professor Unless You Already Have Your Ph.D." Well, With All Due Respect, That Is A False Statement. In Fact... Tiba 07/20/2008
"Professor," I Agree With Your Comment, But I Doubt That You Are A Professor. You Said "I Also Is A Ph.D Student." Well If You Were A Real Professor You Would Know That You Cannot Become A Professor Unless You Already... Linda 07/20/2008
Little Mario, Your Academic Level Is Very Poor, And Your Self Esteem Is Even Poorer. It Looks Like The US Army Has Done A Pretty Dawn Job Of Removing Every Single Logical Cell You Had Left From Your Idiotic Brain. You... Ti Rouge 07/19/2008
Indeed, Incompetent And Mediocre Of Course I Am... And As You Have Said It Best Hmm: YOU COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER YOURSELF (Lol). Thank You Kindly? (Ha Hah Lol)!!! Will Rosenberg 07/19/2008
I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF. Mario Mothersil 07/19/2008
After Reading This Article, Please Let Me Know If You Are Proud. I Must Comend Ms. Desulme For Attempting To Do The Unachievable, Attemptig To Bring Dignity To The Haitian People. Haiti Is Not Destabilising Jamaica... Mario Mothersil 07/19/2008