Mierelande Is The Best Political Candidate To Lead Haiti In The Future

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Who Is Mirelande Manigat:
I was born in Miragoane, on Sunday, November the 3rd, 1940 (70 years of age).

I am a political woman, presidential candidate, Assistant Dean at Quisqueya University, General Secretary and a founding member of RDNP.
Politically speaking, I am a very competent person and I have an extensive political background which enables me to understand others as well as their personal experiences about life. I am working very hard to promote and advance the causes of the Haitian people.

I am fighting social injustices paralyzing our institutions as well as our country.

To tell you the truth, my personal experience elevates me above wealth, political ambitions and fame as well.

Suggested Plans and Ideas To Move My Country Forward:
Due to the fact that I am a political woman and presidential candidate, this accredits me to articulate my political ideologies about my country.

First of all, an awareness about those social injustices which paralyze our institutions as well as our country enables me to do so.
Next, I am very concerned about young men and women who are graduating from our schools who cannot find jobs to further any career in their lives.

Those people are walking our streets as desperate people and they can be tempted by all sort of temptations.

Our youth is perishing and the state of Haiti does nothing to repair this social injustice.

In Haiti, everything is a priority, but I am focused more on early childhood education for children age 6 and mass education which is a social reparation for all if we want to come up with a durable economic plan for Haiti.

Moreover, Haiti can develop itself, but we have to believe that its redemption within the international arena is possible and we need to combine three important factors to further such a cause.

We need to have a competent and honest political team, clear development plan with several steps defining objectives and means to achieve them as well as humanitary assistance to help with urgent needs.

We need some radical changes to occur within all Haiti's political administrations to get rid of some incompetent and corrupted state employees and we also need the help of competent Haitians overseas and those that are helping the RDNP to achieve those goals.

I said and have repeated it over and over that Haiti is an ill country which needs the help of Haitian doctors living overseas.

I said and have repeated it over and over that Article 15 of the Haitian constitution which bans double nationality for Haitians living overseas needs to be repealed and I am campaigning to reformulate it in positive terms to integrate all Haitians in the political and economic affairs of Haiti.

I have no doubt in my mind that Haitians that are living overseas can help Haiti develop itself and they can bring their expertise, youth and international contacts to further the economic causes of the Haitian people and I also believe that they are ready to return to their country like myself to serve.

We must allow them this unique opportunity to do so.
We need to remind our fellow Haitians in the diaspora that their place to live is Haiti and their solid commitment must be entirely devoted to Haiti.

I am planning in the days ahead to establish contacts with Haitians in the diaspora and I would love them to help me put in place a scholarship database institution to send talented Haitian students study overseas, but this action plan will take place among those that are living in the remote areas of Haiti and who do not have any chance to further their educational career.

I have a deep affection for all those Haitian Diaspora that are working so hard to help Haitians there and specially those that are established on the East Coast of the United States, Canada and France as well. Lastly, I believe through them it will be possible to attract good samaritans devoting to promote Haiti's economic cause in Haiti and overseas as well. Both Haitis, the Haiti in the Diaspora and the Haiti in Haiti must work cooperatively to move Haiti forward.

I used to work in France, Trinidad Tobago, Venezuela and Haiti as well. During my long career overseas, I had participated in 40 international conferences, political seminars and workshops.

I have published several books on International Relations and specially the United Nations' Relationship toward the Third World Countries.

Since I came back in Haiti, I have been working on Contitutional questions and I have published 5 books as listed below:
&#9679; "Fighting for a new Haitian Constitution" and we are revising it to republish it again
&#9679; Haitian Constitutional Treaty Law (2 volumes, 2000)
&#9679; Be a Haitian Woman in the past and Today's date in Haiti (This book argues about women
through the Haitian constitutions, Haiti's laws and the Haitian society as a whole, 2002)
&#9679; Constitutional Law Manual, 2004
&#9679; Social Norms and Political Realities
&#9679; Haitian Parliamentary System (1806-2006) published in 2006

I have been married to Mr. Leslie Manigat for 39 years and we are a happy family.

We never have fight between us and we never promise to be separated one from the other rather we understand each other and we are tolerant to each other.

We have adopted a rule for our life which is this "Never go to bed angry." I have a daughter and I am a grandmother of three grandchildren and their names are Jahena (16 years old) Ayinde (11 years old) and Leslie (6 years old).

I deeply love them, but unfortunately they are living very far from me in Togo in Africa.

I am very tolerant toward them but sometimes I do not tolerate any capricious actions from them in order not to develop the spiritness of spoiled children within the family.

I am an early morning woman.

I sleep at 9:00 pm and I always wake up at 4 due to the fact I love early morning times to contemplate the sun rises and I love to start working at this particular time. My sleeping and wake up's plan is in contradiction with my husband own's plan which allows him to start working at 10:00 pm, but believe me we always meet our family affectionate demands.

Religion and State:
I am a catholic woman.

I believe in God who protects us and who also follows us through our actions and my education enables to do good for my people.

For me, people should not engage themselves in harmful and heinous acts not because they will be going to hell, but it is a moral obligation toward self and a society as a whole.

I respect all religions and beliefs and people should be free to practice their religious faith without any fear at all. In Haiti, we have three relions which are: Catholic, Protestant and Voodoo.

We must respect all three of them for their peaceful coexistence and the state should be neutral over their practices.

My personal conviction instructs me that each religion teaches to their followers basic economic and sipritual life skills such as the right to do good and not to harm others, the right to respect self and others, the right not to steal from others as well as the right to help others.

In this last word, I would love make a difference between individual charity and social responsibility which is the task of the state.

I believe we should all do what is good and doing good toward others is a virtue as well. The role of a government is not to perpetuate the charity cult but to eradicate social injustices that cause suffering to others and help the country move foraward.

This is a social responsibility of a state because when one is a head of state s/he must take into consideration the suffering of the haves not who represent a large majority of the population.

I would love to say this "The United States, France and Canada have poor, but they represent a smal minority and despite of that their states always help them." In Haiti, the poor represent the majority and the state always ignore them. I have some good qualities that I love to preserve and they are articulated this way:
1. I don't like lies and I dislike hypocrisy
2. I don't believe in the art of causing pain and suffering to others and I will strive not to harm anyone, humiliate someone and inflict emotional distress to someone.

I have some bad manners too which are:
1. I am impatient toward human errors or mistakes and I am a self disciplined person in terms of political correctness and I do not tolerate mistakes as far as my principles are concerned, but I never want to impose them on people and I always leave room for negotiation.

2. I don't easily trust people unless demontrasted otherwise, and I will never hesitate to tell someone that s/he has made a mistake whether big or small that may be and I am not a vindictive person.

In the past, I used to dance a lot, but it has been a long while since I stop such an activity and I don't do it anymore.

I love to watch good TV show and I am a big TV fan too. Outside of TV cultural show or information combining travel and film documentaries, I watch some movie and if I like one movie I do not bother watching it several times, but my preference is always placed on history films and I do not love too much Western movies or science-fiction films.

I listen to all kinds of music and I do love classical music and religious songs as well such as Mes Preferes, La Misa Solemnis De Beethoven, Mozart's Requiem and Gregorian Songs.

During my brief visit to the Sisters' House, I had learned several religious songs during religious services and I loved singing them with my mother.

Unfortunately, she passed away and she had a strong memory and nostalgia of religious services in Latin and I forgot to mention that I deeply love the Messie of Haendel and his Famous Song of Alleluyah.

I also love Latin American Songs especially the Immortal Songs of Celia Cruz along with Sonora Matancera, Daniel Santos, los Tres Diamentes from Mexico and so on. During my childhood, we learned those songs without learning Spanish and we did not even know what they meant to say and we simply sang them through memorization.

When I was in Venezuela, I had the opportunity to understand the message of Aunque me cueste la vida or la Malanguena...

I have to acknowledge that I do not know much youth music today's date. Among Haitian artists, I deeply love and admire Tifane, Emmeline Michel and we also love our family friend Toto Bissainthe.

I have deep admiration for RAM and Sweet Micky when Micky does not use too many vulgarities or obscenities; those are Candio's heirs who is the girl of our female friend named Emerante De Pradines (RAM's mother) who has contributed a lot to Haitian music.

Here I am informing the young Haitians about my latest ideas about music, but I would love to tell them that I have the nostalgia of Jazz Des Jeunes and Nemours Jean-Baptiste.

About Haitian folklore music, I deeply love Azor and Boukman Experience.

My published books are professionally made, but I love Police Novels (Romans Policiers) and I also love Agatha Christie.

I always read Haitian novels due to the fact they are explaining our daily life situations in Haiti.

Those authors such as Ange Bellie, Edwige Dantica, Yanick Lahens and the dean whom is my best friend named Paulette Oriol develop in me a deep sense of admiration for them.

Toulimen, November 10 2010, 8:08 PM

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