Lionne - April 2 2008, 12:41 PM

Some of you investigative journalists need to find out WHO in the Preval/Alexis Government is SELLING Haiti out to the Americans.


Members of this Haitian government seem to be dancing like a bunch of UNCLE TOMS to the tunes of the IMF and world bank. Why are we checking ALL the containers shipped into an impoverished country like Haiti, when a rich country like the United States only check about 5% of their containers.

They are not even checking ALL the containers sent into their country from countries they dubbed terrorists.

Are you gentlemen blind, stupid, and dumb too?

Or do all of you suffer from a case of MENTAL SLAVERY.

Your actions to please the IMF WORLD BANK is responsible for causing OUR PEOPLE, and YOUR PEOPLE TOO to starve while food is ROTTING AT THE PORTS.

How greedy can the Haitian government be to charge the charity organizations PORT TAXES on goods they bring into HAITI AS HUMANITARIAN AIDS. Are you gentlemen too blind to see that those non profit organizations will either limit or cease their shipments all together to Haiti.

Its the people who need their help the most who will suffer.

I gather some of you could not care less as long as you are able to fill up your pockets and off shore bank accounts.

THAT'S WHY THE CONSTITUTION SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED TO ALLOW ANY PRESIDENT MORE THAN TWO TERMS IN OFFICE OR TWO TERMS BACK TO BACK, that way if and when they sell us out, the next government will be able to undo some of the damages they have cause more easily.

If they really want the next government to continue with projects they have started, they can have a series of meetings with the incoming government officials to pass on the torch.

STOP BORROWING MONEY FROM THE IMF and THE WORLD BANK those organizations are designed to keep countries engaged with them poor and dependent, while they dictate on how your country should be ran; Its a type of colonization.

IMF prescriptions do not work and have not worked in the past. If Japan had listened to them about not developing a car industry, considering it was too costly at first, then the Europeans and Americans would have had a monopoly on the car industry.

If China had listened or followed IMF and World bank prescriptions, then they would not have would been able to feed one billion people and develop their country the way they did. The opportunity cost to China is a certain level of pollution due to all the factories but you know the Chinese are 100% literate while the Americans have an adult literacy rate of 87%.

The Chinese copy everything the hell with what the rest of the world have to say. They are surviving rather nicely.

Wake up people stop dancing to the tune of the white men. SO WHAT IF HAITI TRANSPORT SOME COCAINE.

A RICH COUNTRY LIKE THE USA CIA IS REPUTED OF TRANSPORTING AND SELLING COCAINE, that's why they are able to fund so lavishly their covert operations all over the world.

You people just don't get it do you. The name of the gave is survival of the fittest by any means necessary.

France, England and the Americans went to war with China 3 times to force them to open their ports to buy Opiums in exchange for their silk. Its called "the Opium wars" look it up on the internet.

If Haiti Keep listening to those devils, the country will fall deeper into debt, they will rape our natural resources, or get huge concessions.

Meanwhile our people will continue to eat mud cookies and the 7to14years old little girls will continue to prostitute themselves just to live another miserable day. PASS A LAW TO MAKE IT A CRIME TO SLEEP WITH MINORS PUNISHABLE BY NUMEROUS YEARS OF HARD LABOR.



How to fix Haiti in 90 days

1. Default on the IMF loan. Haiti pays back 300 million dollars per year in loans. The country has terminal cancer...

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