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Hi, welcome back Linda! Almost 85% of Greg Peters' ideas are not scientific.

Did you read through all of it?

Public education including higher education is free in Haiti since Dessalines - Peters said College education should be free in Haiti, it already is. Has he read the Haitian constitutions, new and old ones?

Peters suggested the seaports should be duty free; the seaports are already duty free if you can prove the goods and machinery you are importing is gonna help create jobs inside Haiti, yes that's true dont believe me ask the Commerce Ministry in Haiti.

Deforestation in Haiti started with the French settlers clearing the forest for the plantations.

Deforestation worsened with the logging industry that lasted a good 170 years in Haiti.

Yes, they cut down all the century old trees and export them to the Carolinas, England, Holland, and France.

The Haitian peasants aint got no tools to cut down giant trees.

I will post statistics on Haiti logwood exports soon. Certainly the increase in peasant and urban population put new pressure on Haiti forest but that's not the original cause of deforestation.

Kidding me. Look back a few years and you will find out who really deforested Haiti.

Let the truth be spoken
welcome to the revolution

Rubens F. Titus, April 2 2008, 11:49 PM

Topic: How to fix Haiti in 90 days

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Greg Peters, 2-Apr-08 8:45 pm
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Louinel Jean, 2-Apr-08 9:14 pm
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Linda, 2-Apr-08 11:40 pm
Hi, welcome back Linda! Almost 85% of Greg Peters' ideas are not scientific. Did you read through all of it? Public... read more >
Rubens F. Titus, 2-Apr-08 11:49 pm
YES Ruben I think you are speaking my language. you could not be more accurate.They always make it look as if Haitians... read more >
Louinel Jean, 3-Apr-08 12:04 am
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