Mr. Titus you misunderstood what I said.

Philipe - March 16 2008, 7:55 PM

I said "concubinage" is not common among the elite due to the inheritance issues that might arise from such a long term affair.

I did not say that a dalliance here and there has not occurred among the elite and the bourgeois.

Personally I do not wish to become anyone's "sugar daddy".

We are not that careless with our sperms or our money.

Besides we usually marry the pretty and educated women of our own class, There's no need to sacrifice the emotional well being of our wives and children for certain types of women, from that majority group that Haiti has to offer.

It's just not worth it.The "mulatres" Mr. Titus are a distinct group of individuals with their own way of life. They have their own aspirations; They do not possess none of the anger, cruelty, envy, selfishness, sexual vices, jealousy and resentment that are usually associated with your group.

The mulatres see the world differently than the majority of Haitians regardless of their economic level.

You people like to claim us as one of your own when it suits you, but the minute the "mulatres" seek political power which is their birthright, then they become the "mulatto rule" instead another black person rule. You can come up with whatever formula and percentages for mulatto rule all you want Mr. Titus, but the fact remains that Haiti has been ruled 90% of the time by the black skin majority.

Their governments has been marked with repression, political violence, and thievery of public funds.

Fortunately the mulatres are more interested in their quality of life than political power in Haiti.

Your people will continue to suffer as long as they keep reproducing like rabbits.

It appears that most of you have been cursed because of all that voudou worship.

Your people are reaping what they sowed.

I would like to know what has all that voudou worshiping done for any of you. Damballah will make you dumb, desperate, and destitute and that's the naked truth fellow.

Have you ever heard of a guy named DoDoCia fellow?

He befriended a lawyer in Haiti who was facing some economic hardship.

He gave the fellow about fifty dollars.

The grateful fellow made the mistake of taking him home to meet his family.

DodoCia not only slept with that man's young daughter, after he picked he up from school, but he slept with her sister as well and by his own account he is waiting for the 12 year old to turn 14 so he can sleep with her also. He is even putting pressure on the man's wife to sleep with him by offering them much needed financial support.

With friends like those type of people who needs enemies.

Have you ever heard of Max Dominique fellow?

He was married to Marie Denise Duvalier he slept with her sister Nicole.

He has a son with each sister.

So do not think too harshly of me fellow, if I do not want none of your type at my house, or anywhere near any member of my family.

We know your people's track records and we do not want that sort of thing happening in our families.

Underneath that veneer of civilization usually lies a savage with unresolved mental slavery issues.

So long fellow.

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