haiti needs another duvalier type president

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I know some of you will be very disturbed by my claim.

But after more than 23 years where are we people in Haiti.

Where is Haiti today?

My Answer is Haiti goes back more than 50 years.

We kick out Duvalier and all the tonton macoutes in 1986...Now, what we have right now?

We need law in order in Haiti, we need Duvalier type in Haiti.When I left Haiti in 1983 Haiti was beautiful, now in 2009 is Haiti beautiful?

I do not think so?

Let be serious and think about that Brothers and Sisters, in 1986 do we have all those kidnapping, murders, rapes, etc...

We need a Duvalier Type President in Haiti! That's the only answer for Haiti right now.


Doncarlos, July 29 2009, 10:18 PM

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Doncarlos you are a very confusing person, the other day you said we should respect each other's opinions etc... Now... read more >
Zac, 29-Jul-09 11:05 pm
Mr. Doncarlos my sincere apologies, here I was thinking I'm dealing with someone who had common sense. The problem is... read more >
Zac, 30-Jul-09 11:51 pm
Hello Zac, Do you remember that i told you that Haitian do not have respect for each other opinion? I was right about... read more >
Doncarlos, 31-Jul-09 4:09 pm
Well Mr. Doncarlos if you had called me stupid we would have taken this outside right now. I don't roll like that... read more >
Zac, 31-Jul-09 11:24 pm
My dear friend you problably in your 20s. what do you know about duvalier. I'm in my low 50 I know very little of... read more >
Angie, 3-Aug-09 12:54 am
Angie, perhaps we should make the difference between Duvalier the father and Duvalier the son. The father was a blood... read more >
Linda, 3-Aug-09 9:35 am
Linda those people took over 30 years to end up with over $300 million. it took Aristid less than 5 year to have a... read more >
Angie, 4-Aug-09 1:29 am
Angie, I totally agree with you. Even more important, rai chin di den'l blan; meaning that no matter what you say... read more >
Linda, 4-Aug-09 9:55 am
Mr. Doncarlos how you doing? Your comment caught my attention, I suspect, that someone you're referring to might be... read more >
Zac, 5-Aug-09 1:14 am
Zac, although I think that the Duvalier fils era was better for Haiti, I absolutely don't think that we would ever... read more >
Linda, 5-Aug-09 10:55 am
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