You are wrong. Men are good for other things these days. Mr...

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You are wrong.

Men are good for other things these days. Mr. Phillip was arguing just the other day that there is little adultery and concubinage among the Haitian elite and the upper middle class.

I did not disagree or agree with him because I dont really know. I know very little about psychology so I will avoid commenting on men's envy of women's womb; I take your word for it.
As for Beyonce, it's not clear to me what are her talents: a song writer, a singer, a recording artist, a stage performer, a composer, a choreographer, or a singer/songwriter combo.

It does not matter to me who wrote her songs, saying " if you cant pay my automobile then me and you are thru" is preaching corruption to young girls' minds, and encouraging materialism among the female black youth.

No wonder it has become an acceptable way of life among the female youth to sleep around with the dude with the fattest 4-wheels So I aint no fan of Beyonce and her clique.

She's absolutely an attractive woman though and she may have had a good upbringing.

She has a boyfriend, you said, but that's not like having a husband; that would require personal responsibility, wouldn't it?

The entertainment industry financial success is meaningless to me; I dont buy their stocks.

For conversative minds such as myself, success is measured by the amount of good to society, not by the amount of cash cumulated.

Promiscuity reigns supreme in that industry, although much of it is hidden.

I am with the likes of Sade, Patti Labelle, Alicia Keys - talented musicians, and meticulous composers.


However, I am not into idolatry or the worship of another human being.

I idol and worship only the Almighty.

Until we meet again, have a nice day!

welcome to the revolution

Rubens F. Titus, March 14 2008, 11:02 PM

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