I totally agree. The French stripped Haiti's Wealth and divide...

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I totally agree.

The French stripped Haiti's Wealth and divide its people against one another.

Actually, the comment goes for the "Developed Western World" We have already been self-devided by these monsters.

It is time that Haitians rise on their own and stop killing and hating one another.

If we can not help or love ourselves, no one else can help us do that..and we are fed up of being given a helping and never get credit or heard of for what we want and do. We liberated ourselves 200 years ago from Slavery and it is time we do it again for Freedom and Free Speech.

WE, the Haitian people are the only people who can respect ourselves to do it ourselves!

Because of the French torture to Haiti, I chose not to sSpeak french..and after visiting France, I chose not to even read it. I am disgusted with the French and The western World policies.

Most importantly mad at my own people for not recognized where we came from and we should be going.

The French Hate, September 28 2007, 3:54 PM

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We are living today in 2007. It is not 1804. The independence war is over. We need to put that behind us. We need to... read more >
Trebu Patriote, 27-Sep-07 7:53 pm
Avec tes insipide rengaine about your French, a group of BILOODSUCKERS who not only stuffed gun powders inside our... read more >
Flo, 28-Sep-07 11:53 am
Or your French can occupy Haiti again! We do not have an army capable of defending ourselves. All they need is a foot... read more >
Flo, 28-Sep-07 12:30 pm
Preval better not let that French president land in Haiti!!! Most likely Sarkozy is just looking for some PR. He can... read more >
Flo, 28-Sep-07 2:58 pm
I agree with you brothr that France should not set their foot in Ayiti. I hate them a much as Dessalines. But who are... read more >
Brother L.k., 28-Sep-07 3:16 pm
Brother LK you are outrageous! Ha Ha Ha! read more >
Flo, 28-Sep-07 3:29 pm
I totally agree. The French stripped Haiti’s Wealth and divide its people against one another. Actually, the comment... read more >
The French Hate, 28-Sep-07 3:54 pm
Flo, can you stop talking for awhile. You are saying some stupid things. How you husband put up with you? (lol)!!!. We... read more >
Gros Jean, 29-Sep-07 1:27 pm
Let's agree to disagree! I believe that since we are Caribbeans and we are located in the Continent of America we... read more >
Flo, 29-Sep-07 5:09 pm
I do not belive we should get rid of French as our official language. I think that French and Creole is sufficent. Not... read more >
Brother L.k., 29-Sep-07 6:02 pm
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