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And Brother Simon and Brother Gerard.

I need to take myself off for a while.

All that misery is making me miserable.

I need to go back to my world of happy people, of cappuccinos by the sea, of discussions about the space continuum, the cosmos, and the last days of the American empire.

Ti Malice can you please get in touch with that Haitian brother who was in National geographic denigrating Bookman who gave up his life trying to save us from bondage! where did this brother get a picture of Bookman when pictures where not available.

I only recently saw a water color of the real Toussaint Louverture because he had given it as a gift to a french family who preserved it (on the cover of Madison Bell biography of Toussaint) I know the brother is trying to get some money for our people, but he does not need to become a "sell out" perhaps you need to inform him exactly what Bookman said. Blood packs were made in most of the ancient secret fraternities.

I remember reading a few Prayers "psalms of David" in the old testament invoking God to avenged their people.

Peace out! I will come back when I have a good idea. I asked one of my cousin who is a Doctor she said you could have experienced a "panic" attack at the crossroad brought on by extreme fear some of the physical symptoms are temporary paralysis, sweaty palms, shallow breathing etc.

Flo, October 9 2007, 1:48 AM

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Ti Malice, 9-Oct-07 3:21 am
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