Tiba, you are doing well in English. We are all limited in any...

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Tiba, you are doing well in English.

We are all limited in any language whether it is French, English or Spanish and even Haitian Creole to name a few. I used to teach English as a second language in Haiti and I love languages.

I never consider myself as an ESL (English as a Second Language) person rather I consider my as an ELL person (English Language Learner) just to tell them that I am not a native speaker and I am limited in the use of that language.

Even in Creole we are limited in the writing part because we don't have a government that wants to emphasize on Creole as target teaching language in Haiti.

Creole is so beautiful and I cannot refrain myself from speaking, writing and reading it. I understand English through the Creole usage and not French or Spanish.

I am proficient in all 4 languages but I love Creole more than any other languages in the world.

Let me tell you something, I was so disappointed in Quebec after I realized that I came from a Creole country and not a French country.

I was received in a Quebecker's white family and I struggled a lot to find words to communicate with them. For instance, I wanted to buy Ti-Bomb as a tea and I did not know how to say it in French.

When I went to the grocery stores, I kept browsing around until I saw the leaves of a tea similar to it and when I boiled it I got the same taste that our Ti-Bomb tea in Haiti as called in French La Feuille de menthe or Mint Tea in English and since then I realized that Haiti was a Creole country and not a French country.

For the Haitian oligarchy they believe that Haiti is a French country although 95% Haitians don't speak French at all. Where they live in Little-Rock (Ti-Rocher), Peguyville, and Black Mountain (Montagne Noire), in these three richest Haitian suburbs they speak only French and they believe the whole Haiti speaks French.

The oligarchal attitude toward the Haitian masses proves to me that they still consider themselves as the new masters of Haiti.

Right now, we have more Haitians educated overseas than the oligarchal members of the seven richest families in Haiti and that is why they want to close the country to us living in the Haitian Diaspora.

Martelly should rely on us to invest in Haiti if those oligarchal members don't see the need to invest more in Haiti.

If they cannot consider themselves as Haitians, they can go live in Martinique, Guadeloupe and San-Lucia to acquire French citizenship.

We are Haitians and we will die Haitians.

They are paying CIA's agents in Haiti to kill others on their behalf and Haiti became a paradise for crimes to secure their protection.

This must end and I will fight them like Richard Brisson.

Look at Duvalier, this guy does not consider himself as a true Haitian but as a French-Haitian citizen.

He cannot even speak Creole while returning in Haiti and that is what we will have a Mirelande Manigat in power.

This must end my friend.

I am mad and I am tired with this shst ok.

Listen, I would forgive this oligarchy if at least they had made Haiti a true bilingual country with both languages written every where and in everything like they do in Canada and other countries around the world, but that is not the case in Haiti.

With their colonial mentality, the Haitian oligarchal family imposes French as a domininant language and only Haitians coming from the rich schools like St-Louis De Gonzague, St-Francois D'assises and Petit-Seminaire College St-Martial to name a fe have mastered this language.

This lets you believe that educational opportunities are not available to all in Haiti and that's what we want. Micky is advocating that and I am going to see how he is going to do it before I start criticizing him.

The Haitian oligarchy believes that they are lost French citizens in Haiti and Haiti should always be a french territory or a french country.

They could go live in Martinique, Guadeloupe or French Guyana if they want to be considered as French citizens and not Haitians.

Our ancestors had fought to liberate Haiti in establishing its own and unique Creole identity, a language born in Hispaniola and not in France.

We should fight to liberate Haiti and make Haiti becoming a Creole country.

The day we can do that we will reduce our limitation in our own language and Haiti will be free. We are all limited now in any languages we are speaking.

Just consider yourself as an ELL person for we will never reach that level of fluency in any learned languages.

We need to practice more Creole to reduce our limitation and if we do it we will develop and enrich more the Creole language than any other languages around the world.

I will fight for that ok. You are very proficient in English like myself simply consider yourself as an ELL person and not an ESL person for English after French if we reform the Haitian educational system will be our third foreign language if Creole became our target teaching language.

We should reform the educational system and I will fight for that. Take care and may the Almighty One bless you my friend!

Toulimen, March 12 2011, 10:45 AM

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