You may not agree with me but it is the truth Haitian peasants...

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You may not agree with me but it is the truth Haitian peasants are the most humbled and true Haitians in Haiti and if they were given the opportunity to lead Haiti over the past 206 years of its existence, Haiti would not be in the position that it has found itself now. Mirelande Manigat represents the old mulatto class type educated woman in Haiti and she does not know how to communicate to the Haitian people.

Before her supporters made me believe that she was a classless person and the last debate has proven that she is a class structured woman who will bring back the Michelle Bennett's typical government in Haiti.

Believe me that will be the reincarnation of Duvalier's model type of government.

To me, she represents a typical lost French person in Haiti and that is why the international community is preparing to fill the ballot boxes on her behalf to get her elected as president of Haiti.

One thing that I know for sure, Haitian peasants and the Haitian masses will teach them a lesson if they steal their votes.

Micky was overprepared because he thought that Mirelande would beat her based on her intellectual abilities and that was not the case. Once again Mirelande did not do a good job and she agrees with Micky on too many aspects and that proves to me that she does not have the intellectual abilities and capacities to lead Haiti in the next five years.

I saw her as a political advisor as a Grandma or a Minister of Justice or Foreign Secretary or Education Ministry to help Haiti in the days ahead, but believe me I would never based on the last debate vote for her as president.

That is the second time that she has given a poor performance like that. The first time, she was called to talk at a meeting and she said that she was not prepared and she did not have much to say and the public was very disappointed and they believe that Manigat is her intellectual backing support.

If you listen to Marthelly's Cap Haitien campaign you will confirm what I just said. A good leader must be prepared at all times.

She has lost my confidence and all my support for the Haitian presidency but you know I think her age may be a factor as a woman.

She needs to step back and let the very young people lead in Haiti.

Now, we have a youth that will not take any sh8t from any elders or oligarchal members in Haiti.

Mirelande is very happy with the oligarchy of the most seven richest families of Haiti and she will not persuade them to bring changes on behalf of the Haitian people, but Martelly as being an outsider believes that he could persuade them with the power of the new technology to bring changes in Haiti.

He will do it and Haiti will change for real.

We have argued most of the things debated on that debate and I believe you, myself, Linda, Richele, Marjory Middy, Ti-Rouge, Dessalines The Avenger, Petrus and Joubert to name a few were the ones to inspire the GIAP forum to organize that debate although they don't give us any credit at all. Micky has won the debate and he will lead Haiti in the next five years.

He has proven to me that he can lead but you know if he does not respect his campaign promises I will fight him to death, for I am not attached to anyone.

Some people think that I am a Micky's supporter for life, oh no, I support him now because I realize that he understands most of the Haitian issues but the day he steps against those issues I will withdraw my support to him and I will launch fierce criticisms against him until he steps down.

I am a centrist person and I cannot attach to any political candidate and I am not looking for a job in any government.

I can economically support myself and I can live in many other countries around the world despite the several nationalities that I am carrying all along.

This gives me an edge to be neutral and support the most articulated person on the most Haitian issues.

He has done a good job on the last debate and he has won my electoral vote. Take care and may the Almighty One bless you!

Toulimen, March 12 2011, 9:22 AM

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