Toulimen, I could have said it better except my English is...

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I could have said it better except my English is very limited, and so, Bravo! chapo ba to you my friend!

You said it all and I agree with you 150% about everything you just said except for one thing though, and that is, I really don't think Mirlande Manigat can run anything in Haiti other than teaching.


Because Mirlande Manigat is too arrogant because of her education level.

She is too disconnected from the reality of life in Haiti.

She has this superiority complex/mentality that makes her feels everyone who is not at her education level is beneath her.

According to "Human Relation/Interaction" theory, one cannot be effective helping others let alone making public policies while having a superiority attitude toward those he/she is supposed to help.

Mirlande can vry well be president based only on her education level, but will not be an effective government as long as she keeps riding on her high horses.

A Mirlande government will bring more humiliation for the Haitian people and for the country.

The campaign and the debates prove that to be true.Take a closer look on how she relates and interacts with Sweet Micky for not being at her education level.

Everybody can attest to that, she gets very arrogant and condescending when she is in the presence of Martely, and yet, cannot articulate her government program as well as Martely does.

This woman belongs in the classroom to do what she does best, teaching; and leave government function in the hands of the new generation young leaders, plain and simple.

Mirlande and all of her supporters must understand the fundamental reality of education and that is "Pale Franse pa di lespri pou sa."

Therefore, Haitians must ask this very question and answer it with all honesty, "Would Albert Einstein make a good and effective president/government in Haiti?"

Tiba, March 12 2011, 7:25 AM

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