Martelly: The End of Haitians on Diaspora's Welfare

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To give credit to my true friend Tiba, I have to borrow the Diaspora's Welfare phrase from him. Martelly's last debate with Mirelande means that young Haitians are capable like Obama to move Haiti forward.

Micky is brave and he puts his priorities on Haiti's national production than anything else. He believes that Haiti has to revive its agricultural economy to feed all Haitians and remove Haiti from the dependency cycle toward the most developed and least developing economies around the world that Haiti has found itself in. Once again, Martelly proves that holding masters and doctorate degrees alone cannot accredit someone to be a leader or to lead Haitians.

A strong leader besides of his intellectual knowledge needs charisma and management skills to move people beyond certain tasks.

Marthelly proves to be a leader and Mirelande proves also to be a good advisor.

If Martelly becomes president, I would ask him to appoint Mirelande Manigat as Justice Minister to lead the judicial reform that we need to occur in Haiti.

I would love him to appoint some people from thr G-12 group and some qualified Haitians from the Diaspora to lead Haiti in the days ahead.

Micky wants to create jobs to remove the Haitian's Diaspora Welfare System as instituted by those banks and money transfer institutions in Haiti.

Micky wants to transform Haitians from beggary (mendicity)'s mentality to active workers to release pressure on the Haitian Diaspora's back. Micky has lived in the United States and he knows how painful it is for Haitians in the Diaspora to keep sending money to their loved ones in Haiti when they are struggling to pay their own bills in the U.S.

Micky can help Haiti move forward and we should call our loved ones to tell them to vote for him. I am confident if there is no electoral fraud he will be elected by a landslide vote. While listening to Micky's aggressiveness in attacking the most painful issues that we are facing in Haiti one can easily depict his unhappiness with the current Haitian system.

He will revolutionize the current system with new technologies and economic opportunities will occur this time for real in Haiti.

We will lead again, we will produce more foods and we will export foods again.

Be confident Micky will be our next leader!

Toulimen, March 11 2011, 2:52 PM

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100% right,keep the good work God bless Haiti. read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 11-Mar-11 3:32 pm
Good job and I love reading your postings! You are a very wise blogger! May God bless you! read more >
Joubert, 11-Mar-11 9:23 pm
Toulimen, I could have said it better except my English is very limited, and so, Bravo! chapo ba to you my friend! You... read more >
Tiba, 12-Mar-11 7:25 am
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Toulimen, 12-Mar-11 9:22 am
Tiba, you are doing well in English. We are all limited in any language whether it is French, English or Spanish and... read more >
Toulimen, 12-Mar-11 10:45 am
Ou koue se vre Micky pral kreye travay pou soulaje Diaspora Haitien an. Si se vre nap rive peyi bil nou yo pa bo isit... read more >
Mireille Duvivier, 14-Mar-11 7:37 pm


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