Listen, if you know what disease that you are suffering, and...

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Listen, if you know what disease that you are suffering, and if it is a curable disease you will cure it, won't you. We know what country is destroying us, and therefore, we must focus our priority on the destruction policy by itself so it can be stopped.

U.S. should stop dictating us what to do. It does not do that with its own domestic states and why should it do with us. Haiti is not a territory of the U.S..

Haitians must have the right to decide for themselves.

I want the new government to define its priority as you said and from that we will continue the fight...

Good job my friend! We will fight against and that new cholera vaccine will not be imposed on us this time.

Toulimen, February 18 2011, 9:59 PM

Topic: Toulimen Reacts at The Montego Bay's Event

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All those institutions are created by the United States: UN, UNESCO, BID, MFI, World Bank, International Amnesty, UCC... read more >
Toulimen, 18-Feb-11 9:52 pm
Listen, if you know what disease that you are suffering, and if it is a curable disease you will cure it,won't you. We... read more >
Toulimen, 18-Feb-11 9:59 pm
Toulimen, We don't have any legal rights to fight US foreign policy. Haiti is not a State of the United States. We do... read more >
Marjorie Middy, 18-Feb-11 10:51 pm
United States is one of the main three countries behind the secrets of the world causing problems. We are all aware of... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 19-Feb-11 6:49 am
A vector driven disease like malaria is reason enough to do waht Jamaica did. Why do Haitians always take EVERYTHING... read more >
Rooster, 19-Feb-11 12:31 pm
Marge, Haiti has as much legal right to fight American foreign policy as any of the 50 states: Zero. Individual states... read more >
Rooster, 19-Feb-11 12:41 pm
It does not have this voice under the American Protectorate which makes Haiti an unofficial backyard of the United... read more >
Toulimen, 19-Feb-11 1:01 pm
Toulimen, Haiti IS NOT an American protectorate. If it were, MINUSTAH would not be there. NO American protectorate has... read more >
Rooster, 19-Feb-11 1:11 pm
Georges Bush was the one to request the formation of MINUSTAH to replace the Marines after that coup against Aristide... read more >
Toulimen, 19-Feb-11 1:37 pm
The Rooster, That does not seem right. It would mean that ANY country has the right to fight American foreign... read more >
Marjorie Middy, 19-Feb-11 3:12 pm
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