Toulimen, This is a "deja vu" all over again. I have heard...

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This is a "deja vu" all over again.

I have heard about these ideas, alks, plans, programs, course of action or whatever you wanna call them before over and over again.

This is what Haitians do and are good at.

I'm afraid to say it but it's true that everytime Haitians feel the urge and the need to do some "etalage de connaissance" (bragging about their education), they go out of their way to organize these dead-end meetings or interviews solely to show how well educated they are.

Toulimen Haiti never has a shortage of good plans, ideas, programs to solve Haiti's problems.

What Haiti doesn't have and never had are: leadership, competence, and the know-how and voila the problem.

Preval has been in power for 5 years and was able to come up with such a brilliant plan for education only at the very end of his government.

This is a guy who's been in power most of his adult life and never understood the importance of education for his people until just a few months ago?

This is to prove the magnitude of the incompetence and mediocrity of the Haitian government.

Preval had such brilliant plan for education in Haiti but kept it a secret.

No one knew about it till now because his days in office are numbered?

He had the plan but did not know how to execute it because of lack of competence and the know-how.

Haiti has a government with no knowledge and understanding of its function, which is to Serve and to Protect.

It always takes the Haitian parliament years to vote on the simplest and the smallest resolution that is brought before them not because they are bad people but rather they DO NOT know how to proceed due to their lack of competence and the know-how.

I think the Haitian government and its people need to learn about the "Cause and Effect" theory first before they engage themselves in the rebuilding of the country.

Haitians and the incompetent government must understand and acknowledge that the rampant corruption, the killing, the destruction, the exodus migration and everything else that is eroding the Haitian society is due to the "Cause and Effect" theory.

Until Haitians and the government offer alternatives to the people these frustrating anoying vices will never go away.

For example, we all must understand that corruption will never be completely and totally eliminated from the Haitian society but it can be reduced to the very minimum only when there are jobs offered to the people and that the Haitian workers can get paid either weekly or every 2 weeks and get paid well enough.

And the same goes for crime and everything else.

If you keep firing people for corruption after awhile there wouldn't be nobody left to do the work. But if you pay them well every week or every 2 weeks they would not be soo tempted get in corruption.

In every society, it is fact, when people don't have jobs to go to in order to earn a paycheck, a decent paycheck to feed their families, and get paid often enough time in the month, it creates an environment for corruption, crime, etc. etc...

This is what Cause and Effect is about.

We all know there is a tree problem in Haiti but it is unrealistic to stop the people from cutting the trees down to make charcoal unless they are given an combustible alternative, and therefore, regardless of any brilliant idea to plant tree only through the country will not work.

As Haitians are trying to get ready to embark on the biggest endeavor of their life to rebuild their country, I would implore them to have a mobernized mind and thinking process if they want to succeed.

They need to be Smart.

Work smart.

One other thing Haitians need to keep reminding themselve about is that a government is not a corporation, company, or a franchise, and therefore, should not run the country as such.

A government's duty and responsibility is to serve and to protect.

Tiba, February 5 2011, 7:30 AM

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