Dr. Feel Bad, You're right! No it is not a "typo"! I started...

Tiba - July 3 2010, 9:38 AM

Dr. Feel Bad,

You're right!

No it is not a "typo"!

I started providing some exceptions but decided against it in order to make my message somewhat short.

Doc, every language/rule do come with exceptions and the same goes for Creole/Kreyol language too. As much as we want to translate everything, names of individuals can never be translated nor changed in any language and the same goes for certain words as well. We may use different pronounciations to make it easier for us to say.

For example: my friend's first name is Paul and his last name is Church (Paul Church).

I cannot call him Paul Legliz in Creole/Kreyol.

The sound "sh" in chabon, chapo, cannot change in any other languages.

It is what it is! it's take it or leave it.

There is exception for individual's names and words that are required the sound "sh/ch." For example: Charles, chapo, chache, chak, etc...these names and words need the sound "sh/ch" therefore they are unchanged.

They have to keep the letter "C."

I still stand behind my statement that the letter "C" is not used to get the sound "k" in writing Haitian Kreyol.

For example: M'pral or mwen pral "koupe" bwa (not coupe with a c) pou-m fe chabon (the sound "sh" is always needed in "chabon").

It can never be changed.

Do I make any sense at all?

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