Marjorie or Maggy Middy, you did not do a good job at all. You...

Jean-marie - July 3 2010, 1:33 PM

Marjorie or Maggy Middy, you did not do a good job at all. You have tried, but you have failed in your argumentation.

Among the United Nations world's recognized languages, the Kreyol with the K letter is listed for the language of the people of Haiti.

It will take us a lot of efforts and courages to change Haiti's name to Ayiti to officially have Ayisyen as the language of all Ayisyan in Haiti.

We do not speak Haitian as you have argued it, but we speak Kreyol as the language of Hate Yourself known as Haitian (Hate: Hair, Tian: Yourself).

That is why we do hate each other and you can see it on this blog. There is no love for anyone in our argumentations, but hatred and divisions as inherited from the former French colonists, the mulattoes and later the Arabs in Haiti.

We will be nothing else than being damned primitive people of the earth and we represent a shameful country as far civilization, progress and peace are concerned.

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