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Tiba you inadvertently include the letter 'C" among the letters the Haitian language does not use. I am pretty sure that it was a typo from you. Since you failed to catch up with it, I am listing a partial list of the word that start with a "C" in the Ayityen language.

I am doing some research on the Ayityen language.

I will publish it within two or three weeks.

chabon, chachacha,chadek, chagren,chaj, chak,charlatan, chale, chalimo, cham,chaman, chamo,chan mayetik, chanday,chanje, chanjman,chanm, chanpay,chans, chante,chantey, chanpantye,chape, chanpel,chapit, chaple,chapo, chase,chasi, chat,chatiman, chato,chatwouj, chawa,chay, che,cheche, chef,chefseksyon, chefdeta,chek, cheke,chemen, chemine,chemiz, chemizet,chen, cheni,chenn, chenpanze,cheri, cherif,cheve,,chevret, chevwon,chez, chif,chik, chike,chiklet, chimerik,chimi, chin,chinwa, chita,cho, chodye,chofay, chofe,chofi, chok,chokola,,chomaj, chome,choson, chou,choublak, choukoun,,chovsouri, choupet,cheri, chwa,chwal, chwazi,chyen, coco,

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Tiba Even The Greatest Minds In The Past,The Present And The Future Are Prone To Mistake. To Err Is Human. Keep Up With The Good Work. You Are One Of The Intellectual Giant. Dr. Feel Bad Self Appointed Psychiatrist In... Dr. Feel Bad 07/03/2010
Marjorie Or Maggy Middy, You Did Not Do A Good Job At All. You Have Tried, But You Have Failed In Your Argumentation. Among The United Nations World's Recognized Languages, The Kreyol With The K Letter Is Listed For... Jean-marie 07/03/2010
Much A Do About Nothing - I Thought That Kind Of Discussion Was Done And Over With In The Late 80's. In The Haitian Language, The Sound For The Soft \"C" Like The Word \"Chalatan" The World \"C" Is Used. The Sound For The... Marjorie Middy 07/03/2010
Dr. Feel Bad, Please Disregard My Previous Response. You're Absolutely Right, The Letter "C" Is Inded Part Of The Haitian Kreyol Language Alphabets. I Thing I Should Have Made The Case On When To Use It And When Not... Tiba 07/03/2010
Dr. Feel Bad, You're Right! No It Is Not A \"Typo"! I Started Providing Some Exceptions But Decided Against It In Order To Make My Message Somewhat Short. Doc, Every Language/Rule Do Come With Exceptions And The Same... Tiba 07/03/2010
Tiba You Inadvertently Include The Letter 'C" Among The Letters The Haitian Language Does Not Use. I Am Pretty Sure That It Was A Typo From You. Since You Failed To Catch Up With It, I Am Listing A Partial List Of The... Dr. Feel Bad 07/03/2010
Hello Haitian Nigger With A Broken Country, Rampamt AIDS In 80% Of Your Population, Hunger, Famine, Theft, Murders, Kidnapping......And You Are Worried About Speaking French....You Must Be On Heavy AZT Aids Drug. Call... Gren Soonen 07/03/2010
You Are An Asshole When You Say That Haitians Do Not Speak French. What Do You Do With The 15% That Speak It Eloquently. Shame On You Coward. You Are A Bastard, A Pea Shit And A Q-Hole! Jean-marie 07/02/2010