Much a do about nothing - I thought that kind of discussion...

Marjorie Middy - July 3 2010, 11:35 AM

Much a do about nothing - I thought that kind of discussion was done and over with in the late 80's. In the Haitian language, the sound for the soft "c" like the word "chalatan" the world "c" is used.
The sound for the hard "c", the letter "k" is used as in the word "Kreyol"
Proper nouns will always spell as is.
Did not we come to a conclusion to not refer to the Haitian language as "Kreyol language as it denotes patois, not a real language.

Since the 80's, some Haitians said they speak Haitian.

We do not say anymore that we speak Kreyol.

Unless there were some new revisions that some of us are not aware of.
Marjorie Middy

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Dr. Feel Bad, Please disregard my previous response...


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