Tiba, You're right I've never held any corrupted public office...

Montresor 2011 - March 28 2010, 2:56 PM


You're right I've never held any corrupted public office in Haiti and no one can ever use that against my credentials as to not become the Republic first historic visionary President.

"but he still cannot articulate why he should be president of Haiti other to say that he is the greatest inventor of the century and he holds a gazillions US patents"

I should be the next President of Haiti because I am the first person in Haiti's history to introduce vision with substance to build anew Haiti many years ago way before the earthquakes propaganda to rebuild.

Been an inventor is nothing to be ashamed of because it allows my intellect to develop skills of greater use for Anew Haiti in 2011 unlike the candidate you are supporting.

Yes the public have the right to know about my inventions and based on the extensive intellectuals of my patents/applications and self explanatory I will suggest again for all interested parties to do the research themselves at the patent office because that is the kind of services available, offered and it is public information.

"These are the people Haitians want to elect as president of Haiti based solely on their emotion and name recognition."
Tiba, name recognition and emotion aren't bad as longest they are optimistically positives and that is exactly why I am proud to be Montresor and not anyone else.

Haiti is my sweetheart and I often get emotional about her!!!

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