Wyclef Jean - Stanley Lucas: Bad choice for Haiti

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Stanley Lucas for nex president can't be trusted, neither Wyclej Jean, because these guys are full of U, S. system in their mind, yet they seem to be a great believers of the U.S.system which is a bad system.

I do not know anyone's heart, but based on interviews I have heard from Wyclef, and also in his many of song lyrics, besides the group Fugees, he's sounds like those Haitian who have something against other Haitians who were born to be rich or had a better chance in Haiti to success than he was. He thinks that every Haitian can be success, but only if they make it in U.S. because he has some money.

Meanwhile, on the other side, he's blind to see what truly success is about.

As for Stanley Lucas, on one hand, he expresses his concern regarding the international organization roles in Haiti, the U.S. too, but on the other hand, I think he's spent and lived most of his life in the U.S., and most of his friends in his entourage probably not Haitians.

I have seen many of his photos on his blogspot blog with many U.S. law makers included Clinton's wife. Therefore, that's something one would have to think about in considering him as a president of Haiti.

In conclusion, I think that it's best for Haiti to have their new elect president among the candidates that are spend and live most of their lifetimes in Haiti.

Jean Pe, December 9 2009, 12:17 AM

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Can you tell us who is he D nex presidan? Name or party??? read more >
Voum Voum To Haiti, 9-Dec-09 12:55 am
Hater I guess your haitian that s why you re hating on wyclef jean, wyclef is a millionnaire.In Haiti they dont... read more >
Karine, 9-Dec-09 1:35 am
Mr jean I'm not a politician but I would like to let you know if Wyclef wants to be the president he can do a better... read more >
As, 9-Dec-09 11:45 am
Stanley would mean an end to business as usual in Haiti, which is of course stealing from the state. He would try to... read more >
Jeanine Moreau, 9-Dec-09 5:19 pm
I am an 77 years old proud Haitian woman; I have worked 50 years in the United States. When I listened to Stanley... read more >
Dieusimene Semaphise, 9-Dec-09 5:20 pm
Well, the U.S. always seems to have their favorite candidates. I am in NY and was involved with the last few... read more >
Jean Michel Dardon, 9-Dec-09 5:23 pm
Remember Aristide was the man of the U.S. in 1994. Martine P. read more >
Martine P, 9-Dec-09 5:24 pm
There is an interesting discussion being held on another blog after Wyclef Jean’s performances on Martha Stewart... read more >
Maxime Desmoulins, 10-Dec-09 6:06 pm
It would be refreshing for once to have an elected leader of our country that wasn’t primarily concerned with... read more >
Jeannine Michel, 10-Dec-09 6:08 pm
Wyclef Jean is a star, well connected to the Haitian-American political director of the White House Patrick Gaspard... read more >
Claire A., 10-Dec-09 7:49 pm
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