Frankly, I don't think someone who lives all his/her life in...

Tiba - March 27 2010, 11:35 AM

Frankly, I don't think someone who lives all his/her life in Haiti would make a better president than someone else who lives most of his/her life outside of Haiti, and vice-versa.

We, Haitian people, don't never elect candidates to public office based on their competence and patriotism but rather on emotion, and what family the person is from and how well that person can speak French.

I have never heard one presidential candidate to run on any platform in Haiti.

They never presented an economic plan or a government plan to the people nor before, during, or after any elections.

Preval, came in and said to the people, "if you want your "idol" Aristide back to Haiti, elect me president for a second time." You could see everybody was full of emotion, they were all jumping up and down with excitment.

The next day of the electtions, Preval was president.

Anyone who really wants to be president in Haiti got to say one thing and one thing only "Aristide." Make a fake promise to the Haitian people that you will bring Aristide back to Haiti, to them. You don't even need to run a campaign, you can just stay home drinking "dlo kokoye, and eat mangoes, the next day you will get elected president of Haiti.

That is the way it's done in Haiti.

Ask any supporters of Stanley Lucas, of Paul Magloire, Montresor, etc. etc...

why they want these people to be president, and I would bet my life on it, not one would be able to tell you exactly why. They only want one of these people to be president and that's enough for them.

Here's the fact: Stanly Lucas was working for USAID in Haiti and did not do anything for Haiti.

In fact, he was the instrumental agent forcing the master's wills down Haitian's throats.

Paul Magloire was minister of interior under that big fat pig, brain dead, called Gerard Latorture, he did not do anything for Haiti.

Montresor, never held any public office before which is not really a big deal, but he still cannot aticulate why he should be president of Haiti other to say that he is the greatest inventor of the century and he holds a gazillions US partents.

Let it be know as of now, Montresor still cannot say to the Haitian people and to the world what exactly he has ever invented.

These are the people Haitians want to elect as president of Haiti based solely on their emotion and name recognition.


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