Montresor 2011, We have been through this over and over again...

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Montresor 2011,

We have been through this over and over again for the past year or so ago, and you still don't get it. For such intellectual you claim to be, you still cannot articulate anything about your wanting to be president of Haiti that really picks anyone's interest whatsoever.

All you have been showing, so far, is sign of incompetence and mediocrity.

Montresor, if you had any understanding to the meaning of the word/title "candidacy, president, government, etc. etc..." you wouldn't keep asking me to research your inventions at the US of Inventor Patent Office.

I keep telling you that I am not the one running for president of Haiti, you are, so therefore, the burden of prove is on you to produce these inventions to the Haitian people if you really believe that inventing a rectangular shape toilet bowl to sh8t in is a qualification to be president of Haiti.

You keep accusing me of supporting candidates for president of Haiti.

It sounds to me that you being paranoid, scared, and hallucinating because I never trow my support behind anyone for president of Haiti.

I really don't think neither you (Montresor), Paul Magloire, or Stanley Lucas, is qualified to be president of Haiti.

All three of you, so far, have demonstrated to the world that you are the most incompetent, mediocre, heartless, insinsitive, inconsiderate, and shameless candidates of the
centuries, even a disgrace to everyone with political aspiration.

First of all, if anyone of you knew the real meaning of leadership, you would have been in Haiti showing it. There could not be any better ocasion and time to show your leadership in Haiti than now. Unfortunately, it seems as though, that it is better for all three of you to remain in the United States eating hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, chicken wings, and drinking sweet red cool aid, and "faire etalage de connaissance."

Montresor, can you please tell us when was the last time you were in Haiti?

The same goes for Stanley Lucas.

I believe Paul Magloire was in Haiti for the last time in 2006, but has never been back since the earthquake.

If I were a candidate for president of Haiti, my competence and my understanding of the word/title of candidacy, president, would dictate that I am in Haiti showing some leadership providing that I had that.

You cannot give what you don't have and neither one of you posess any leadership that Haiti so badly needs.

Tiba, March 28 2010, 4:02 PM

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